This is the closest thing to an official PlayStation controller for iPhone

the playstation phone

Many will have forgotten the not so successful PlayStation Phone project, the Sony Xperia Play that with built-in controls it allowed you to play Android games with some comfort and that promised to bring the PSP experience to your pocket. That did not work very well, and many units ended up having problems with an internal flex cable that ended up deteriorating.

Unfortunately, the PlayStation phone died there, since, although there was an Xperia Play 2, it never reached production and was marketed, but the idea marked the way of what we now know as mobile gamepads that are in such demand lately in the market. current.

The official PlayStation controller for iPhone

Backbone One PlayStation

But times change, and that idea of ​​a portable console is still present, although in a very different way. Now there are streaming game platforms, and the mobile phone is the key there. So Sony has made a move, and with the help of an experienced manufacturer, has decided to take the first step.

This is Backbone, a peripheral manufacturer that already offered a mobile gamepad on the market and has now reached an agreement with Sony to place the PlayStation logo on its well-known Backbone One. It’s that simple. That easy.

Designed for Remote Play

Backbone One PlayStation

Sony’s intention is none other than to allow PS5 and PS4 players be able to follow your games from your mobile with the Remote Play function. Thus, they will be able to use a comfortable controller, with the official PlayStation icons (pure aesthetics) and a color scheme reminiscent of the DualSense.

Remote Play It is the function that allows you to take remote control of a PS5 or PS4 through the internet, in order to continue playing your favorite game no matter where you are (you need to have the console turned on and a stable internet connection).

This Backbone One: PlayStation Edition can be purchased on the manufacturer’s official website for €119.99including 3 months of Discord Nitro and 1 month of access to Apple Arcade.

And for Android?

Backbone One PlayStation

At the moment the manufacturer has only launched the PlayStation version with the Lightning connector for iPhone, so if you want a model compatible with a USB C port, you should opt for the black model, whose price is the same. It is important to mention that both the iPhone and Android models are perfectly compatible with games that accept gamepads such as Call of Duty or Fortnite, as well as with the Xbox Cloud Gaming cloud gaming service, so the PlayStation edition is basically a model with a special color and little else.

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