This is the day of the week where your online accounts are much more likely to be stolen.

The computer attacks on the Internet They can occur at any time, on any day and in very different ways. However, there are certain dates when it is more likely. In this article we are going to talk to you about what day of the week and at what time, more or less, it is most common to suffer a cyber attack. At least, we are talking about attacks that involve the theft of online accounts. You will see that there is a reason behind it and you should take certain precautions to avoid problems.

Account theft can affect your social networks, email, bank accounts, work accounts… In fact, cybercriminals are going to aim to steal accounts of all kinds. It is key to always take certain security measures, so as not to compromise personal data or affect third parties.

Fridays, the chosen day

Yes, the Friday your accounts are more likely to be stolen. With this we do not mean that they cannot try to steal them on a Monday or Saturday; understand that we are talking about probability, the moment in which cybercriminals tend to choose the most. Especially, Friday afternoons are when more problems of this type occur.

But why Fridays? The answer is what you would do if you see that someone has entered your account. For example, you notice that you cannot access your bank account, that there is a charge that you have not made, that your Facebook account does not work or that you cannot access your email. Probably the first thing that comes to mind is to contact the technical service. You’re going to ask what’s going on, you’re going to try to recover the account by sending documentation to verify your account, etc.

Friday afternoon, many companies stop operating or, at best, they do, but partially. There are fewer people working, fewer staff willing to help you solve the problem or even having the knowledge to do so. Time, in computer attacks, is very valuable. The longer you take to act, the more problems you may have. The more money they can steal from a bank account, the more damage they can do by impersonating you on social networks, etc.

Furthermore, another factor to take into account is that on Fridays, again more likely in the afternoon, we will be less aware of those hypothetical stolen accounts. Maybe you’re away, you’re spending the weekend somewhere else, or you’re just disconnecting from technology because you’re fed up with staying online at work all week. You’re less likely to realize, at least quickly, that there’s something wrong with an account.

Errors that allow account theft

Avoid problems

All this makes it essential to avoid risks and protect ourselves from these computer attacks. But be careful, we are not just talking about being prepared for possible attacks on Fridays, which would be the day with the highest probability of suffering one, but for any time of the week.

It’s key have everything very well protected. Use passwords that are strong and complex. Avoid using things like your name, date of birth, and the like. You should always use random keys, which have letters, numbers and also special symbols. All of this, mixed together, will ensure that your accounts are protected.

It is also essential protect devices, logically. You must have a good antivirus that can help you detect problems, as well as keep it updated. This will prevent many types of malware from exploiting possible vulnerabilities in that system that you may not know about.

In short, as you see, it is Fridays, especially in the afternoon, when there is a greater probability that your Internet accounts will be stolen. It is important that you always take steps to protect yourself, do not make mistakes, and never expose security. Keep in mind the advice we have given to avoid problems. Avoid security risks when downloading files, for example.

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