This is the design of the new Apple Online Store

The way to buy in the Apple Store Online has changed

Until a few days ago, in order to buy a product from the company, you had to enter each of the dedicated sections. This could be a bit annoying since you couldn’t be in a global store like other brands on their websites. This has completely changed to everyone’s surprises with a new section that is dedicated to the store where all the products of the ecosystem are clearly included. Here you can find for example the Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, AirPods among others.

apple store

Specifically, as soon as you enter this new section at the top you can find all these products. If they go down you will find the different news as well as the most relevant offers in the Store. It can be said that the design of the web is quite similar to the one in the Apple Store application. Although this website has been designed especially with those users who are on an iPhone or iPad and not on a Mac. This is mainly due to the navigation mode that has ended up being implemented.

The navigation system has been designed with a scrolling horizontally and not vertically. That is why the fact of having a touch screen is very appreciated to be able to search among the different devices that are in the Apple store. By clicking on a specific product you can see all the options that there are with the comparisons as well as the accessories that exist and are compatible.

apple store

There were only changes in the online store

It should be noted that in the rest of the existing tabs, the design has not been changed in any case. They remain exactly the same and the characteristic ‘Buy’ button in the upper right tab has not been removed. That is why you can access the purchase of products in different ways so that they always adapt to you. As we say, this is ideal to avoid having to go tab by tab looking for accessories, significantly reducing the search that must be done.

The section of the store that has not changed is the one dedicated to making purchases for students at Apple or for companies. In this sense, the same store design is maintained, although in this case it was previously much better organized in different boxes with all the products that exist.

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