This is the face soccer players put on when they know their FIFA FUT cards

What do the players think of the points that FIFA gives them?

You’ve probably asked yourself the question on more than one occasion. How are FIFA scores taken by players? Will Messi think his left foot is more dangerous than the game’s programmers believe? Will Vinicius Jr protest about the speed that his letter marks him? These questions are answered thanks to the videos shared by the clubs themselves, who in private sessions bring together some players and sometimes the entire squad to reveal the cards for the new season.

For example, in the Real Madrid, they summoned Vinicius Jr, Eder Militao, Carvajal and Asensio to be encouraged to guess their stats and then reveal the final letter that arrives with the new FIFA 22. The faces of some are quite funny, and it is interesting to see how they themselves are aware of the characteristic in which they limp the most.

We have another funnier case in the Wolves fc, who gathered the staff in the technical chat room to surprise them with the scores. The best was the final joke with goalkeeping coach Tony Roberts, don’t miss it.

One of the most demanded teams this year in FIFA 22 is the PSG. And for obvious reasons. The presence of players like Messi, Neymar, Mbappé, Sergio Ramos and many others make this team a dream team, so it is curious to see how these great stars receive their copy of the game and discover their statistics. Of course, Messi does not seem to be very interested in meeting them.

At Manchester City, Kevin De Bruyne and Foden were the masters of ceremonies in charge of developing the cards, and the good old De Bruyne did not seem to be satisfied with some figures. And it doesn’t seem to be easy to slip a fake letter on them either!

At Tottenham Hotspur, Sergio Reguilón shows to control a lot of FIFA, and that is perhaps why EA wanted to play a joke with his statistics. He, Tanganga, and Doherty are in charge of guessing their own scores. Also Son does his thing and distributes the FIFA VIP Pack to the rest of the team.

Two other teams that could not be absent in this fun ceremony with the Chelsea and the Liverpool. In the latter, Van Dijk and Robertson are in charge of distributing the FIFA VIP packs to their teammates, which include a small screen in which to see an animation with the stats of each player at an individual level. How do you notice that EA takes care of the Premier …

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