This is the fastest laptop graphics card ever made

At the moment there is no one to cough up, the competition can hardly keep up with the pace imposed and that is being seen in the company’s income. But NVIDIA does not stand still and although there were already rumors about a new GPU for laptops, today we have some more data: the RTX 3080 Ti Mobile It will be the fastest ever created and the most consuming in history.

Why is NVIDIA releasing a Ti version of an existing GPU shortly? There are several theories in this regard, but the one that has the most force is to strengthen the range and mark more the present differences with AMD and future with Intel. The problem is that it is not launching a simple, faster update, it intends to launch the most powerful and “greedy” GPU in the history of gaming notebooks.

NVIDIA RTX 3080 Ti Mobile: TOP performance and consumption

It must be said in the first instance that the data is not confirmed, we continue with the rumors about its final specifications, but little by little others regarding this new GPU are revealed and affirmed that will be the TOP of NVIDIA for 2022.

With this in mind what we know so far is that NVIDIA is going to launch a new chip and will therefore not use the GA104 as it has been doing so far in three models of high-end laptop GPUs. This is novel in itself, since it has created a TOP chip for a single GPU, so the question with it as well as the speculation is maximum.

We are talking about an assumption GA103S that would integrate nothing less than 58 SM, 10 more than the current RTX 3080 Mobile, so it is understandable that this increase cannot correspond to the physical area of ​​the GA104 and this new chip is needed. For simple power and shaders (it is therefore speculated with 7424 CUDA Cores) at the same frequency we would have a 20% increase in performance, but since its MHz is not known, such an improvement cannot be affirmed.

New upgrade and more TGP


If this increase in Shaders is not enough (7424 vs 6144 of the RTX 3080 Mobile), keep in mind that the use of GDDR6 at 16 Gbps. This is very important given the performance limitations of Ampere with low VRAM speed, with this RTX 3080 Ti Mobile being the first GPU on the market to reach this speed for the notebook range.

Said increase in Shaders and said speed improvement in VRAM will logically mean that the TGP of the card itself will have to be increased despite the efforts of NVIDIA with its Dynamic Boost 2.0. The information points to nothing less than 175 watts, an increase of 10 watts compared to its younger sister that shows two things:

  • The binning of this chip will be very high.
  • Dynamic Boost 2.0 is very tuned in the models that integrate it.

This is the only way to understand that with a twenty% more cores and better and faster memory modules (+ 14%) only an increase in the consumption of 6%. Of course, the frequency will be either lower or it will be possible to equalize the data with less time in peak. We will have to wait for January 4th to know all its details.

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