This is the first color changing graphics card without RGB

RGB is no longer a fashion today in the PC, it is a requirement that many users demand of any product of a certain value, to such an extent that the low-end is adopting it despite the fact that this implies a higher cost. There are others who reject it or who directly deactivate said lighting for different reasons, but what there is no doubt is that we all want a different PC. For this reason, PALIT has designed the first graphics card that changes color without the need for RGB, called RTX 3060 Ti ColorPOP.

RGB allows us to customize each component and depending on which graphics cards achieve truly incredible effects. But in the end there is nothing new than the design and arrangement of the LED lights on the cover. PALIT has realized that the sector has to go a step further and thanks to the technology called “chameleon” it has achieved what no other.

PALIT RTX 3060 Ti ColorPOP

That’s right, comes the new leap in PC modding and comes from the hand of a graphics card as a new series that mainly replaces the manufacturer’s line called GamingPro until now. As we say, this series passes away to make room for this ColorPOP, where the only thing that really changes is the design in terms of paint.

Therefore, we will have the same chip GA104-202 brings the RTX 3060 Ti to life with 4864 Shaders, 152 TMUs, 80 ROPs as main units.

RTX 3060 Ti ColorPOP

The frequencies are not changed either so we talk about 1410 MHz and 1665 MHz respectively, where like their 8GB GDDR6 get 14 Gbps.

The design consists of three cooling fans 8 cm attached to a massive cover at the top that integrates and hides a thick radiator that makes a total width of 2.7 slots, so we are talking about a fairly thick card. It has a backplate to dissipate 220 watts consumption in a better way, which is perforated in the shape of a honeycomb in its final part so that the last of the fans expels the air upwards.

Chameleon color, three in one[/ youtube]

Describing the graphics card itself, let’s see what is new as such, and that is that the entire cover as well as the backplate is painted with a special paint that, according to the brand, offers three different colors at the same time: blue, green and purple.

The color we see will depend on the angle of incidence of the light on said heatsink or cover, where it will change as we move or the light changes. This type of paint is known in the world of car tuning as Chameleon and this is what Palit has captured in the logo, where this series is accurately represented by said animal.

The base is a very fine primer for plastic and then the painting is done in three different layers with different dusts that achieve the effect described, which does not imply that the card itself has its RGB lighting system. There is nothing like this on the market and it is possible that rival manufacturers now see this as the next step, since although three different colors are not obtained, the pearl or metallic ones do imply the use of two bases at least, plus the varnish. Are we facing the first component that can set the trend in the modding of 2022?

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