This is the first DDR5 RAM for gaming with RGB and up to 5600 MT / s!

Certainly, TeamGroup has stood out in recent months for being at the forefront of the development of DDR5 RAM; They were already the first to announce fully functional memory modules validated by motherboard manufacturers, and now they are also the first to announce DDR5 RAM with RGB lighting ready to hit the stores.

T-Force Delta RGB, the first DDR5 RAM with TeamGroup lighting

TeamGroup Delta RGB DDR5

The T-Force Delta RGB DDR5 series continues the design style of the Delta DDR4 series by keeping the large heatsink with all the upper perimeter endowed with eye-catching RGB lighting. The general appearance is enhanced by its elegant design, available in both black and white, and with a great capacity for configuration since each LED can be controlled independently through the motherboard software, whatever the manufacturer.

Currently, TeamGroup has already sent samples of this DDR5 RAM to Asus, GIGABYTE, MSI, ASRock, Biostar and other motherboard manufacturers so that they can perform lighting tests and adjust their software to have the best compatibility, so that when they first boards that support DDR5 RAM are already in stores, users have the power to configure the memory lighting from the beginning.

This first series of next generation RGB RAM will support 1-click overclocking function XMP 3.0 from Intel and will start in kits of 16 GB (2 × 8 GB) and 32GB (2 × 16GB) capacity, with frequencies ranging from 4,800 MT / s in the most basic models to 5,600 MT / s on the higher-end models, far exceeding the speed offered by the current generation of RAM.

TeamGroup Delta RGB DDR5 white

This new generation of DDR5 RAM memory is expected to offer a much smoother gaming experience than the current generation, and also its enormous operating speeds will improve the overall performance of the system in any type of task that we want to perform. The biggest difference in this version is the PMIC architecture configuration setting, so the changes should be quite noticeable.

By the way, TeamGroup has said that the warranty period for this generation of memory is 3 years (unlike the current one, which has a lifetime warranty), but that they will adjust this period as their manufacturing process and of the raw materials used in it. The TeamGroup T-Force Delta RGB DDR5 series is expected to hit store shelves around the world during the fourth quarter of this year 2021, coinciding of course with the launch of the first motherboards for CPUs Intel Alder Lake, which will be the one that debuts DDR5 memory as we all know.


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