This is the first PS5 game at 8K resolution and 60 fps

The Touryst ushers in the 8K era on PlayStation (or almost)

With the arrival of the next generation consoles, both the Xbox Series X / S from Microsoft and the PlayStation 5 from Sony, there was something that all users seemed to be clear about and it was the main requirement that they asked: a significant improvement at the graphic level.

And be careful, not only in terms of resolution, but also in other important sections such as lighting effects or the physics of objects, among other additional elements.

Well, these improvements can be said to be coming as developers know how to get more out of new hardware. But few expected something like this to come: Shin’en Multimedia, developer of The Touryst, has made his game the first at native 8K resolution.

Yes, as confirmed by specialized media such as Digital Foundry or Eurogamer, The Touryst is PS5’s first native 8K game And that means that each frame that the console renders of it is at a size of 7680 x 4320 pixels. Although it is not the only thing, they have also managed to maintain a stable frame rate per second at the value 60.

Of course, if all this is striking and you have a PS5, you should know that you will not be able to enjoy 8K. First of all, because having a screen with such pixel resolution is not usually the norm. Secondly, because even with the screen, the Sony console does not allow an 8K video signal to be taken, but rather maintains it in 4K.

So why render the game in 8K? Well, according to those responsible, everything would be due to an improvement that the game would later undergo when you come into action by having a much more optimal smoothing or antialising.

The game, in case you didn’t know him until now, It is not new rather it was launched a long time ago. It is available for both PS4 and PS5 and it is in this last generation where it is most used by that native 8K rendering. Although it is also available for other platforms.

The future of 8K gaming

With The Touryst it is clear that more than one studio is already thinking of taking their titles to the next graphic level, that of games at 8K resolution. However, although there are already possibilities to do so, as The Touryst has shown for PlayStation 5, the truth is that the question is to know to what extent it compensates or not.

In the case of The Touryst, for the type of game it is, enjoying that improvement when it can be done natively together with the PS5 and a suitable screen, such as Samsung’s 8K Smart TVs, will be interesting.

However, with the rest what happens. Well, surely few games reach that level, because moving so many pixels in titles like Warzone where there are many more elements requires even more power. So we will see how the whole issue evolves.

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