This is the first X370 motherboard to support the Ryzen 5000

AMD was always reluctant to officially support these processors for Ryzen 5000, preventing even its partners from giving support for X370 and B350, something that at the time led the community to harshly criticize the brand.

ASRock X370 Pro4: the first to support the Ryzen 5000

ASRock X370 PRO4

ASRock has been the first to throw in the towel (or give AMD a pulse for a change) by offering a public update to make AMD Ryzen 5000 series processors compatible with its X370 Pro4 motherboard. At the moment it is unknown if this BIOS update will be the only one, since the manufacturer has not commented on it and it is unknown at the moment if other brands will follow the path. Whatever it is and if you have one on hand ASRock X370 Pro4From now on you can update to the latest official BIOS, downloadable from its official website, and obtain this compatibility with Ryzen 5000 processors.

The only official information handled by the brand is a cryptic message on twitter by the official account of ASRock in Japan, where they drop that the ball is now in AMD’s court in this regard, wringing the responsibility to the red manufacturer.

We do not know the reasons why ASRock has released this update, nor if it has been with support and awareness on the part of AMD to carry it out or they have taken the liberty of doing it unilaterally. It should be remembered that in the past ASRock has had several tug of war with AMD, even skipping some NDAs, the motherboard manufacturer being harmed, being postponed to the end in the list of priorities for AMD when it comes to distributing chipsets for plates.

Ryzen Vermeer Compatible: But Goodbye Ryzen 2000

Ryzen 5000 G

Through the information of the BIOS offered on the official website In the ASRock driver download there is a detail that should be taken into account if you are thinking of updating the motherboard. As we said at the moment the only motherboard compatible with Ryzen 5000 by ASRock is its X370 Pro4 model and it seems that, if we apply the update to the latest version to unlock and open the compatibility for AMD Ryzen 5000, we removed the support to the older processors of the brand, such as the Ryzen 2000, Ryzen 3000G and Ryzen 2000G.

On the other hand, if we intend to use Ryzen 5000 on a motherboard with an X370 chipset, it is worth remembering what functions and options the AMD Ryzen 5000 offers, such as PCIe Gen4, which is not covered by the 300 chipset series. whether or not more manufacturers dare to give this support to their older plates in the coming days or weeks.

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