This is the fun card game from which Netflix is ​​going to make a series

Surely many of you already know the phenomenon of this Exploding Kittens, that appeared in 2016 in the form of a video game for our iOS and Android smartphones and that later had an adaptation for Nintendo Switch. A very clear and simple idea, inspired by those card games that abound so much (Hearthstone, Gwen, etc.) and that He is going to make the leap to Netflix where he is going to star in a new series.

The explosive cats arrive

Just in case you haven’t heard, these Exploding Kittens have already begun to reach the Netflix ecosystem as one of the games that we have as a gift for being subscribed to the platform, within the official iOS and Android apps. So you will be able to rehearse what you will later see in the television series that the Americans are already preparing and that will follow in the footsteps of other cartoon productions focused on a more adult audience. So if you want to put it on your children, forget about it.

The point is that the series It will be a comedy, it gives us that with a corrosive humor, and that will tell the story of how God and the Devil are sent to Earth, only this time adopting the appearance of two domesticated cats, the kind that like to have an owner and that, due to the vicissitudes of life, have seen grow their flesh from so much happiness and tranquility in which they live. Although that is going to break when we realize that they are going to start “exploding kittens”.

At the moment, apart from the existence of the project and will premiere in 2023 on Netflix, only the cast of voices that will interpret each of the characters of its original version in English is known. They are Tom Ellis (Lucifer), Abraham Lim (The Boys), Lucy Liu (Elementary), Ally Maki (Toy Story 4), Mark Proksch (What We Do in the Shadows), and Sasheer Zamata (Home Economics).

What is the card game about?

Product of a successful process of crownfunding back in 2015, Exploding Kittens It is a card game where it is not necessary to make a deck with the passing of the games but everything depends on the chance of the distribution and the hand that we have left. Seven cards are distributed to each of the participants (up to five) and then the Exploding Kitties and deactivation cards are added to the stack from which we are taking each turn. The first ones make the player who picks it up jump into the air, but they have the opportunity not to die if they have previously done so with a deactivation.

Exploding Kitties, card game.

If this is not the case, that player will leave the game and The last one to prevent kittens from exploding wins. In his hand. A very simple game that made the leap from the video game to physical tabletop models, really, and that over time gave rise to other versions such as Imploding Kittieswhich instead of exploding implode, which is still another way to die much crueler than the original idea.

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