This is the impressive mummy found in Peru that could reveal what life was like before the Incas

Peruvian archaeologists they found one 1,200-800-year-old mummy surprisingly tied with ropes in fetal position, while excavating in a millennial mud urban complex on the outskirts of lime. Thanks to its well-preserved condition, archaeologists hope this discovery will shed new light on it. pre-Inca culture.

The remains belong to a young man who would be between 18 to 22 years old at the time of his death and that his face was covered by his hands. These impressive remains were inside a burial chamber about three meters long and at a depth of 1.40 meters in the Cajamarquilla archaeological site, east of Lima.

“We have achieved the discovery of a mummy that was located inside a underground conical shaped funeral structure and when seeing the characteristics it was a mummy that was tied with ropes, “the archaeologist told AFP Pieter van dalen, responsible for the Cajamarquilla project.

“Is a peculiar and unique feature from this funerary context … The mummy would have been buried between the year 800 to 1200 after Christ, “said Van Dalen about the find in this excavation.

On one side of the mummy was found the skeleton of a Andean guinea pig (guinea pig) and what appears to be a dog, according to researchers from the University of San Marcos; were also discovered leftover corn and other vegetables.

What is known about the place where the mummy was found?

Cajamarquilla “was a urban center where multiple functions were developed, it has a great variety of sectors, where there are administrative, domestic, residential sectors “, added Van Dalen.

According to the researcher, Cajamarquilla “is a very large city that could have housed between 10,000 and 20,000 people in a total of 167 hectares.” It was built around 200 BC and it was occupied until the year 1500.

Cajamarquilla is located 24 kilometers east of Lima and it is one of the largest archaeological complexes in the city.


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