This is the iPad for the majority and on top of that it has a great discount

The iPad is a device that has tremendous possibilities, in fact, it is possibly one of the most versatile equipment from the Cupertino company, since it can be used both for moments of leisure and also, in some cases, as the main equipment for job. Well, the most balanced iPad, which is the iPad Air, now has a great discount on Amazon, do you want to know about it? Keep reading and we’ll tell you.

discounts available

One of the negative points of buying Apple products in their stores or through their website is that you will never find a small offer or discount on one of their products. The only way to buy a product at a lower price from Apple is to do it in the refurbished section, but we’ll talk about it in another post, now we want to focus on the great offer that Amazon has for the 2022 iPad Air, a team that has with really amazing specs. We leave all your discounts below.

  • iPad Air Wi-Fi
    • 64GB storage
      • Blue color: 40 euros discount.
      • Silver color: 40 euros discount.
      • Pink color: 41 euros discount.
      • Yellow color: 40 euros discount.
    • 256GB storage
      • Blue color: 74 euros discount.
      • Silver color: 85 euros discount.
      • Pink color: 51 euros discount.
      • Yellow color: 65 euros discount.

iPad Air

  • iPad Air Wi-Fi + Cellular
    • 64GB storage
      • Blue color: 50 euros discount.
      • Silver color: 52 euros discount.
      • Pink color: 44 euros discount.
      • Yellow color: 50 euros discount.
    • 256GB storage
      • Blue color: 84 euros discount.
      • Silver color: 60 euros discount.
      • Pink color: 84 euros discount.
      • Yellow color: 84 euros discount.

Accessories to enhance your iPad

Before we have discussed one of the key points of the iPad, which is versatility. Well, in order to take advantage of all that versatility that we are talking about, it is vital to surround the iPad with the right accessories that will allow the user to get all that performance that this team has inside. Therefore, below we leave you a series of accessories that we consider essential for this iPad Air.

  • Magic Keyboard for iPad. Undoubtedly, the best keyboard you can use for your iPad, both for the functionality it offers, since it will allow you to use your computer as if you were in front of a Mac, and for the experience it offers through its characteristic design.
  • 2nd generation Apple Pencil. The versatility of the iPad has a lot to do with the option to use an Apple Pencil, and that is that in the end the touch screen is made to be used and taken advantage of, and there is no more suitable accessory for this than the Apple Pencil. Also, if you are a student or simply want to take notes on your iPad, this gadget cannot be missing from your computer.

iPad Air + iPhone

  • elago magnetic mount. The iPad is not only a great device to use on its own, but it’s perfect to be combined with your Mac, so having a magnetic mount like this is a delight to place it next to your computer and take advantage of all the advantages offered by functions such as Universal Control or Sidecar.
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