This is the keyboard and mouse that El Xokas uses for his streamings

The famous streamer El Xokas has ceased to be just one of the many on Twitch to become a benchmark in our country, controversy included. The truth is that many are entertained by his direct and although they are more controversial for what he says than for what he does, many wonder what peripherals he uses to play. Well, today we are going to see two very important ones so that he can work: what keyboard and mouse uses the xokas?

Well, once again The Xokas surprises with a somewhat strange configuration due to its shape and concept, since although the peripherals it uses on this occasion are recognized by experts and critics, there is really a lot of imbalance between them.

The mouse that El Xokas uses: Logitech G403

This mouse has great fame given its characteristics and above all its good price. We are talking about a gaming mouse with 10-gram weights that has a height of 124mma width of 60mm and a depth of 43mm for a weight of 87.3 gramsso they are quite acceptable numbers if you do not want to go to something professional.

The best of this keyboard comes from its sensor PWM3366a more than proven sensor with real 1:1 tracking that integrates a sensor of up to 12,000 DPIa maximum acceleration of 40G and a top speed of 400 IPSnot bad if we take into account its polling rate of 1000Hz.

As a good gaming mouse worth its salt today, it has a patented RGB system called LIGHTSYNC, a house brand, where in this model we have two areas that will light up. We cannot forget its two-click tensioning system, something that is becoming an industry standard.

Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2

It is a keyboard that is officially out of stock since it has been replaced by several models that have taken some of its features, but it is far from a bad keyboard. It is a full-size model with really big dimensions of 475 x 171 x 39mm. It weighs 1,500 grams and has Razer NKRO patented technology, even in its numeric keypad.


The advantage that this keyboard has over others is that it can be chosen with different types of mechanical switches, yes, all within the Razer range: green, orange and yellow. In addition, the keycaps are made of ABS and laser engraved for great durability. They are not however PBT double Shoot, but they are not really far away either.

As if this were not enough, it has a very comfortable wrist rest to rest your hands, which we will appreciate after many hours playing. And so far the mouse and keyboard of El Xokas, as we can see, are not anything specific or high-performance, but peripherals rather contrasted by the entire gamer community and that we understand fit what he is looking for and his style of play, a very personal decision that, seen what has been seen, is giving him great results.

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