This is the Lucky Box: RTX and RX graphics cards for 100 euros!

The graphics market is very crazy and the truth is that if we say this, no one is surprised. For years we have been seeing -and suffering- a total lack of control over stock, price and situation. Well, in Japan they have gone a step further in the marketing of the NVIDIA RTX inside a mysterious box; some may think it is speculation and others a masterstroke.

Can you imagine being able to buy a NVIDIA RTX for just about €110? Well, that is exactly what has happened in Japan through an Amazon marketplace store, which has marketed mysterious boxes known as “loot crates” with high-end graphics inside at a price of 800 yuan.

GPU Roulette: Win an NVIDIA RTX with a Mystery Box

Everyone knows the mysterious boxes that are bought without really knowing the inside of it until they arrive and you open them. They have been very popular for a few years, especially for the acquisition of geek merchandising. In amazon These days a seller has appeared who, according to the information exposed by the retailer’s own page, that by buying a mystery box you can get to take a graphic of the series RTX 30 or one RX 6000 series.

According to the information, still valid in the Amazon store in the Japanese region, we would have a 16% chance of receiving a GTX 900 (Maxwell) or an AMD Radeon RX 300 (GCN), an 8% chance of obtaining a GTX from the 10 series (Pascal) also a AMD RX 500 series and for half the chances with only 4% we would be owners of the series RTX 20 or a magical RX 5000 series from AMD. The jackpot, the NVIDIA RTX 30 (Ampere) series or a RX 6000 (RNDA 2) by AMD, they would only have a 2% chance.

RNG Gacha

All this may seem crazy, especially if we see that in 70% of possibilities we will obtain graphics cards inferior to those mentioned. But the thing does not end here, there is also a detail to take into account and that is that the graphics, as stated by the seller, can be new or used and they do not accept or admit any type of exchange or return given their particular characteristics.

The RNG applied to real life

As if we were playing BDO (Black Desert Online) this store offers us a very interesting pulse, being able to take a graphic RTX 30 or an AMD RX 6000 for just €100 with everything against you. The truth is that it is very tempting and the money to lose is relatively low compared to the jackpot, which we remember is only 2% if what the store mentions is correct.

The truth is that in the Japanese country where porridge they are the order of the day and you can buy everything from figures to garments in a vending machine, this type of product may not stand out as much. The truth is that in a few hours from the start all the mystery boxes with graphics inside have been sold out. We do not know if these non-illegal actions, but quite controversial, will go on sale again or if they will be copied elsewhere.

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