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Today we have different ways to enjoy our favorite music either on mobile or desktop. The truth is that the different streaming music platforms offer us a multitude of very interesting functions for all of this. This is the case of the alternative that could be considered the most popular in this sense, Spotify.

We have at our fingertips different proposals that allow us to enjoy all our favorite music via streaming. The aforementioned Spotify It has been one of the best-known online platforms for several years. It is true that many users prefer to download this multimedia content to their computers locally instead of using streaming services.

However, it is also important to know that, for example, this application that we are talking about now also allows us to download our favorite musical themes to the computer. That yes, to be able to carry out this task that we commented to you, download music from spotify Legally, we must first comply with a series of premises. In the first place, to benefit from this advantage, it is not useful for us to have a free Spotify account. With this, what we want to tell you is that it will be essential that we pay for any of the subscriptions offered by the platform to be Premium users.

As many of you already know, this is a music streaming platform that we can use for free. However, here we are going to find a multitude of limitations like the one mentioned download themes. In addition, we will be able to listen to music, but the playback will be plagued with advertising that many may not like too much.

Why did all my music downloaded from Spotify disappear?

At the same time we will have limitations in the reproduction of songs and in the search for them. But there can be the strange circumstance that we are premium users of the streaming music platform but sometimes it does not work as well as we would like. This is because here we also have certain limitations when it comes to downloading our favorite themes.

spotify downloads

It is worth mentioning that simultaneouslyor we can exceed the figure of 10,000 songs saved locally. Number that by the way will be more than enough for most. In turn, this amount cannot be divided into more than 5 different devices, something that we must also take into consideration. But with everything and with it, it can happen that suddenly everything that we had downloaded over the last few months, or years, unexpectedly disappears from our drives.

Well, in the event that we find ourselves before this unexpected and unpleasant situation and we do not know the reason for it, we are going to clarify it for you. Basically we have made a mistake by not fulfilling one of the premises imposed by Spotify to be able to download and maintain musical themes locally. And it is that for all these downloads do not disappear from our deviceit is mandatory that we let’s connect every 30 days to the music platform through the internet.

This will verify that we still have and continue to use our account and thus the platform will keep the downloads made on our computers. Basically what Spotify does with this is not to eternalize the storage of your songs in the event that, for example, we have stopped using the account as such.

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