This is the most expensive gaming chair in the world, why does it cost 1,300 euros?

Chairs, like the hardware world in general, are going up in price. It is true that certain novelties and improvements are being implemented, but it is becoming more and more difficult to innovate. For this reason and based on a twist to the concept of gaming chair Thermaltake and Porsche have launched a new model that until now is the most expensive in the world costing a whopping 1,300 euros. So is the most expensive gaming chair never manufactured.

This chair is not totally groundbreaking in concept, but rather continuous because it respects what other models already do, but it has features that increase the price and of course, you also pay the exclusivity and brand. What makes it different?

Thermaltake Argent E700: craftsmanship defines the most expensive gaming chair

Inspiration comes from different points of view. Rarely does one person manage to create something truly different and evolve an industry, so Thermaltake has enlisted a contemporary artist, an indigenous musician, and a basketball player to come together with the Porsche team to bring forth a different kind of chair. .

But more than that, the final result could be summed up exclusively as such and although the most premium materials on the market have been implemented within leather, aluminum and metal, is it really worth the 1,300 euros What does the brand ask for? We start with genuine leather based on high quality ergonomic leather that will mold and cover a high density foam with 143.3 lbs/ft3where both materials are supported by an aerospace-grade aluminum and metal frame.

They are followed by a class 4 piston and wheels made of high quality PU with a diameter of 3 inches. To finish this section we cannot ignore the base with handles in the purest racing bucket style, something totally new. These are not data in general that we have not seen in other gaming chairs, but here everything gets a little more interesting, since the settings are its strong point as well as the dimensions they support.

Adjustments for the best posture

The chair is divided into three parts that are adjustable: backrest, headrest and armrests. The first is undoubtedly the great beneficiary of this design, since it can be configured in three different angles: 107°/113°/119°/126°which are accompanied by a vertical adjustment of the height of the headrest, very inspired by Porsche cars and which is something that should be a standard today in the world of chairs, both office and gaming.


We end with a 4D armrest with a novel adjustment system that has not been shown. Another strong point is its supported measures, since it will withstand people between 170cm and 190cm with a maximum weight of 150kg. To finish and as we can see in its presentation video, the most expensive gaming chair in the world will have several colors available: glacier white, space gray, storm black, ocean blue, racing green, saddle brown, sangha yellow, flaming orange, and turquoise. .

What has not been revealed is its arrival date in stores, but given its presentation it should not take too long.

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