This is the NAS you are going to want to set up at home: Synology DS223

Synology DS223

The Synology DiskStation DS223 is a two-bay NAS that comes to update the home range. It is a small unit that will offer you the brand’s key solutions, such as its DSM operating system and the many official applications with which to set up a file server, photo manager, personal backup system and endless of solutions that will make you discover a new world of connectivity.

Small, complete and cheap

The DS2XX family always proposes quite cheap solutions with which to set up a NAS at home or in a small office. Its capabilities will not allow you to mount a surveillance system with too many IP cameras or encode 4K files in real time (from Plex, for example), but it will be more than enough to store files on the network, schedule backups and mount, in short, your own private cloud from which you can access all your personal files no matter where you are.

Inside this DS223 hides a processor Realtek RTD1619B with 4 cores at 1.7 GHz, 2GB of DDR4 RAM and a gigabit ethernet port. In addition, we will have a total of 3 USB 3.2 Gen 1 ports and two receptacles to store two hard drives of our choice. These hard drives can be combined (RAID 0) to add their capacity or configure a RAID 1 to keep a backup always present.

It does not allow the option of connecting SSD drives to use them as a cache or as extra storage (as in the DS723+), but as we said, its domestic profile does not look too pretentious.

perfect to start

Synology NAS

Considering your cover letter, this DS223 is an ideal NAS for those users who want to start in the NAS world. In addition, thanks to Synology’s simple and intuitive DSM operating system, all installation and maintenance of the equipment will be especially easy, since through a web browser we will access an interface similar to that of a desktop PC.

You can create a file server so that all the computers and devices in the house have access to common files, create a multimedia server for your movies with Plex, set up your own web server to set up a web page, or share photo albums with your known thanks to Synology Photos.

How much does it cost?

The official price of this DiskStation DS223 is 295 euro (without discs), so this is an extremely interesting unit that will allow many to delve into this exciting world. And it is that, although it seems like a high price, in reality it is a very interesting amount for a team of its characteristics.

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