This is the new and discreet Ikea Starvkind smart air purifier

Today we find several types of air purifiers and some of them are really curious. In this case, Ikea, which already has several types of purifiers in its extensive product catalog, officially announces a new one. In this case it is the Ikea starvkind, an indoor air purifier that is completely hidden in a table and that is also compatible with HomeKit products, so you will be able to manage its operation with the Tradfri bridge.

The air purifier works autonomously although it is true that its functions can be controlled and programmed through the hub of link Tradfri and the Ikea Home smart app. It has up to 5 operating speeds and it is possible to use it in “automatic” mode or even to program its on and off thanks to the HomeKit automations.

IKEA purifier

The main function of this type of purifier is none other than to leave the air clean at home. This smart air purifier from Ikea is designed exclusively for indoor use, the Starvkind has a round design and employs a three filter system to remove odors from the air, remove particles and pollutants from the home.

For now, while we are writing this article, the product is not available for purchase on the Ikea website, the launch of this new purifier starts in October 2021 and its price is 129 dollars for the purifier, 189 dollars for the kit with the table and the bridge is sold separately for 35 dollars.

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