This is the new battery for iPhone that costs 109 euros

MagSafe technology returned from the hand of all the new iPhone 12, but Apple did not finish exploiting it with different accessories. We have had to wait until today to finally see something new such as an external battery that is magnetically attached to the iPhone extending its autonomy. We tell you all the details of this launch below.

The main specifications

Just a few minutes ago Apple quietly launched the new MagSafe battery on its website compatible with all iPhone 12 models. This battery is attached to the back of the devices through the magnetism system, transferring the energy from it to the iPhone itself. This finally makes it possible to have greater autonomy. In the end, the leap from the classic Battery Case has been made to this design that is much simpler and does not condemn you to carry a specific case forever. And it is that yes, as with the chargers this battery can be coupled through different covers without having to always carry it in the same.

magsafe battery

This battery is recharged through a Lightning cable, recommended by Apple to use a 20W adapter to be able to have the battery charged as soon as possible. Although, the company itself specifies that charging is allowed with a 27W adapter such as that of the MacBook itself. The technical specifications that have been known so far is that this is a PowerBank with a capacity of 1460 mAh admitting an input of between 5 and 9V with 3A maximum.

MagSafe Battery Utilities

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