This is the new Edge bar, more SPAM on your PC?

To do this, those from Redmond do not stop sending new functions and updating their software solution to cover and improve the needs of their users. So much so that at the moment the firm is working on a new functionality that we are going to talk about next. Initially the same receives the name of Edge Bar and displays content in a floating or docked window to the right of the main program interface. At first, it must be taken into account that both elements are independent of the main window of Microsoft’s Edge browser.

To give you an idea, here we are talking about a new experimental feature that Microsoft is gradually rolling out to browser users. This is something we can check in the menu option More tools in case the Edge Bar feature appears as one of the options.

edge bar

Once we have activated it, it shows us a reminder next to the conventional bar with a link to a support page. This new element displays information very similar to the Windows 11 widgets or to the functionality of Windows 10 News and Interests. The first thing to keep in mind in this regard is that all three news sources are powered by MSN.

Edge Bar lets you customize the content it will display

In turn, it is worth knowing that the Edge bar function It has a search option. bing at its top. As usual in these cases, it also shows weather information for the area and local news headlines. As we told you, its content is offered by MSN and Microsoft. Of course, users can change what is displayed with a single click in the footer. In this way we can access the editing area of ​​the MSN website.

edge bar

In this section we will have the possibility to change the idiom, activate or deactivate modules themes such as sports, traffic or Time. Also, from here we specify our interests to Microsoft in order to personalize the news feed. Once this new Edge feature is up and running, the default interface shows us various elements in a bar located on the left side of the window. But as we mentioned before, we can customize all these contents.

In addition, on the left side of this park that opens, we find some icons for direct access to certain Microsoft proprietary platforms. Among these we can mention his bing search engine, or to the proprietary mail service Outlook. As you can imagine, with all this, what the Redmond firm intends is to bring us a little closer to its products, something that surely not everyone will like. Similarly, it is interesting to know that when we do not have the active function, we find a circular icon on which we can click to return to this section whenever we want.

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