This is the new Sonos Beam 2, a compact, powerful soundbar with an improved design

Sonos Beam 2 front

Again we have to talk about the well-known audio firm Sonos and it is that today it officially presents the new generation of its Sonos Beam soundbar, in this case the second generation Beam. Sonos stereos are really balanced in many of its aspects, the sound quality, the price, the materials used for its manufacture and its design.

On this occasion, the firm renews the popular sound bar and improves some aspects of the previous model. The arrival of 3D audio with Dolby Atmos, improves its sound quality and design and connection with optical output, HDMI eARC / ARC.

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Retouched design for the new Sonos Beam 2

Sonos Beam 2

In this case we could say that mythical phrase: “If it works, don’t touch it” and Sonos has thought of doing something like that but adjusting some details. At first glance the new soundbar looks the same as the previous generation but some points have been tweaked to improve it.

If you are one of those who have Sonos products at home or know some of them, you will know that the Sonos Arc offers a front made of perforated polycarbonate. Well, the new Beam 2 wants to look something like this and adds this design change to the front grill. This front part in the previous version was made of a fine fabric and now when taking the Beam 2 it shows more robust with this change. This is purely aesthetic but gives the feeling that it protects the internal part where the magic and power of your speakers is hidden.

Available colors are black and white for this new model of the Beam. In this sense there are no changes and we see the same colors that we had available in the previous version of this powerful Sonos Beam. On the other hand, the part of the upper button panel is still tactile and with the same configuration as the previous model. This has a mute button to mute the Alexa or Google Assistant microphones in case you want it not to hear you.

3D audio with Dolby Atmos power and sound quality

Sonos Beam 2

When we talk about these types of speakers to enjoy infinitely better audio than what our TV speakers can offer, we have to look at how they do it on Sonos. It is undoubtedly one of the market leaders in this type of soundbars and is that its The relationship between power, sound quality and price is one of the best.

For this new second-generation Beam, the sound quality that we had in the previous version has already been improved. In this case, a new immersive sound technology is added that allows us to enjoy audio by places or scenes at all times. Sound of cars passing from one side to another, airplanes passing over our heads and brutal 3D sound effects without having speakers “focused towards the ceiling” like the Arc does, for example. If we add some Sonos One to the back of our sofa, the sound experience becomes a brutal audio experience, offering a enhanced sound that comes from all angles.

The new Beam 2 adds support for Dolby Atmos. This is something that all new users will like and what along with improved processing power and new phased speaker arrays that offer two new audio paths that are made up of height and surround. To this we have to add the virtual Atmos experience that directs and locates the sound around the room.

On this occasion Sonos also indicates that this new speaker supports Amazon Music HD. In principle, they do not indicate if it is also compatible with other music services in HD quality, such as Spotify or Apple Music.

And another important point in this Sonos speaker is that the signature indicates that by the end of this year they could add support to decode DTS Digital Surround Sound. The sound quality of this Beam 2 is not debatable now, but if they add updates or improvements, they are welcome.

Configuration and connection versatility with adapter optical out, HDMI eARC / ARC

Sonos Beam 2 connections

The configuration options offered by this Beam 2 is really wide and all those who do not have a television with connection HDMI eARC / ARC don’t worry as it adds an adapter for optical output. In this sense, it is simply connected to the television through the adapter and voila, we can now enjoy a spectacular multimedia sound experience in movies, series or games.

But those who have the option of connecting the soundbar through the port HDMI eARC / ARC will simply need the HDMI cable. To finish with the connections, it must be said that the Beam 2 adds the option of connecting to our Wi-Fi network via Ethernet cable or wirelessly. To do it without cable we can use 2. ( 4 or 5GHz Wi-Fi.

The connection to the home Wi-Fi network will serve to connect the iPhone or iPad through AirPlay 2 and play our favorite music on it. In addition it is compatible with the assistant Alexa and Google Assistant so the connection to the network is practically necessary.

Logically the Sonos official app will make your connection easier and it is really easy to use it but you have to have a few minutes to do it since it offers so many options that it requires your time. It is not complicated at all, it is to follow the steps, but it is true that having so many options takes a little longer than normal to connect to the app.

Availability and price of the Beam 2

Sonos Beam 2 overhead

This new soundbar will be available for purchase in a good handful of countries. from next Tuesday, October 5 with a price of 499 euros. If you want, you can now reserve your new Sonos Beam on the official Sonos website.

Don’t worry this time about where the Sonos Beam 2 will launch as it will be available on the day of its launch. in most countries of the world: Spain, United States, Mexico, Netherlands, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Portugal, Greece, Belgium, France, Italy and many other countries.

Editor’s opinion

Sonos Beam 2

They have improved what they could improve. It is a complete speaker that has nothing to envy to other higher priced ones on the market, its value for money is really brutal in all Sonos speakers and you see that the moment you have one of its speakers in home.

Another interesting point about this Sonos is that we can synchronize the sound with the rest of the firm’s speakers thanks to its app. This means that when we have several Sonos speakers connected to the Wi-Fi network we have sound in all rooms with an infinite number of possible configurations. Listening to music in one room, other songs in another, or regulating the volume independently are just some of the options available.

Sonos Beam
  • Editor’s rating
  • 5 star rating



  • Design and audio quality
  • Spectacular power for multimedia
  • Improved front grille


  • Does not add Bluetooth connection

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