This is the new Steam interface, and it doesn’t look bad at all!

Little by little, this game client is modernizing, and thank goodness. After changing the library section, and adding new functions (very useful, by the way), Valve is now going to continue with the rest of its client sections. Thus, a few hours ago, it just released a new update for the beta version of Steam, an update that, in addition to correcting a good number of bugs and minor errors, takes another step in the renewal of the interface of this program.

New section on downloads and disk usage on Steam

The first of the elements that we find renewed within Steam is the downloads section. In this section is where we find the new games that we are downloading, and the updates of the games that we have pending. After installing the new beta of July 29 we may find a major redesign of the program. And this redesign not only includes a new look, but also brings new features.

Beta Steam - Download 1

As we can see, the appearance of the program has changed considerably. Now we can better see the games that are being downloaded or updated, and, in general, it is a much nicer section. But it also has new features, such as:

  • Possibility of ordering the download queue by dragging and dropping.
  • New button to clear completed downloads.
  • Download bar now includes disk allocation and installation times, not just download.
  • New button «See news» to see directly the changes of the patch.

Beta Steam - Download 2

In addition, another of the sections that has been renewed has been that of the storage folders. We remember that, to download and install Steam games, it is necessary to assign a default folder to save the games, which we know as «libraries». Now, this section has a tab for each library created, and it allows us to see how much space the games, the DLCs and the rest of the content occupy.

Beta Steam - New section folders games

In addition, the task of move games from one unit to another. This is not working at the moment, but it should in future updates. Most likely, this feature was created with the idea of ​​moving Steam Deck games between internal memory and SD memory.

Should I try the Beta?

As always, using a beta implies using something unfinished, which may have errors. However, in the case of Steam the truth is that we have never encountered very serious problems within the client, and we have been using the beta for many years for everything. Beta releases fix bugs earlier than stable releases, bring new functions and features ahead of time (which may or may not work), and are updated more frequently.

If you are one of those who do not want complications, then keep using the stable version of the program. In the end, it is the recommended one. But if you prefer to test the news (like this interface) ahead of time, then you can activate the trial versions from the section Parameters> Account> Beta Participation, and choose “Steam Beta Update”.

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