This is the next Nintendo LEGO you’re going to want: A giant Bowser!

Bowser comes to life in LEGO

lego bowser

With this spectacular set you can give life to the king of the Koopas. A construction of 32 centimeters tall41 centimeters wide and a total of 28 centimeters deep that hides several secrets with which to interact with the official figure of Mario in LEGO.

You only have to place the figure of Mario, Luigi or Peach on the combat platform, and you can have a battle against the feared villain. On Bowser’s shoulders we will find a series of action buttons that will be activated with our figure, being able to activate the demolition of the towers on the stage simply by pressing these buttons. (Xanax)

An articulated set

lego bowser

As expected, the set hides amazing details with which the designers demonstrate the incredible work done on the set. And it is that in the back of the character we will find two mechanisms that will allow move your head and arms of the figure, and in the case of pressing both at the same time, Bowser will launch a ball of fire through the mouth to hit your character.

But if there is something that the little ones will like, it is that by activating the different POWs hidden in the body of the enemy, we will be able to automatically knock down the columns on the stage, causing damage to our enemy and finally killing him when we knock down both columns.

When can it be purchased?

This new set won’t hit stores until October 1st, and its price is typical of these large figures and external license. And it is that, with a label of €269.99is placed on the same level as creations such as the globe, the Land Rover Defender or the Interrogation Cube from Super Mario.

What is needed to play?

The set as such will only serve to decorate our bookshelf (many would settle for that), but in case you want to interact with it and make the most of its functions, you will have to combine it with a starter pack of LEGO Super Mario to be able to use it. to Super Mario, Luigi or Peach with their corresponding figures.

It is for children?

Once finished, older children will be able to play with it along with the rest of the Super Mario sets, but you should keep in mind that small pieces are included, so it is not suitable for very young children. As far as construction is concerned, it is indicated for adolescents and adults, although the label on the box specifies those over 18 years of age. Of course, if you are an adult, do not try to hide the child inside you.

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