This is the NVIDIA RTX 3080 12 GB, is it faster than the 10 GB?

So, as you can see in the two images above, we have, on the one hand, the RTX 3080 based on the GA102-200 chip with a 320-bit bus and 10 GDDR6X memory chips and on the other the RTX 3080 Ti, with GA102-225 chip with 384 bit bus and 12 GDDR6X memory chips. Well, the 12GB RTX 3080 ranks in terms of performance level between these two graphics cards.

12GB RTX 3080 Specifications

RTX 3080

The first thing to keep in mind is that the 12 GB RTX 3080 is the direct replacement for the 10 GB RTX 3080 that we have seen so far on the market and is far from the raw power of the 3080 Ti model, with the that only the VRAM shares. Rather, we would be facing a SUPER model, with the difference that NVIDIA has decided not to use that trade name.

The improvements over the 10GB model? Well, the fact of having a 384-bit GDDR6X bus and, therefore, a bandwidth that is 20% higher and 2 more active SMs. So we went from having a configuration of 68 SM, 8704 ALU on FP32, 272 Tensor Cores and 68 RT Cores of the previous model to having 70 SM, 8960 ALU on FP32 or CUDA cores and 280 Tensor Cores. However, a change with respect to the model that was initially launched is the use of a 350 W TDP instead of a 320 W one, which allows different manufacturers of graphics cards a greater margin in the face of clock speed and energy consumption than the previous model.

12GB RTX 3080 custom models

Custom RTX 30 Models

Several different companies participate in a graphics card and not just one, in this case NVIDIA is the one that designs the GPU, which is the central chip of the graphics card and is manufactured by Samsung. From where they create their own models that they sell under their own brand, the so-called Founders Edition, or they sell the graphic processors to other assemblers or manufacturers so that they create their own custom or personalized versions.

However, despite the increase in TDP, a good part of the custom designs of the different manufacturers derive from those previously released in the form of the custom models of the RTX 3080 or RTX 3080 Ti. So you will not find any design that we have not seen previously.

Here we leave you some of the most outstanding models of the different manufacturers.


The RTX 3080 AORUS Master 12 GB that makes use of a MAX ventilation system that makes use of three claw fans and alternating rotation for a correct air circulation through the heat sink. Thanks to the use of the steam chamber and the heatsink itself, both the VRAM and the GPU stay cool a good part of the time. This model also includes a small LCD monitor that allows us to monitor its status and has support for RGB Fusion 2.0.

The second model is the GeForce RTX 3080 EAGLE 12 GB that makes use of the WINDFORCE 3X cooling system with three alternating rotation fans with the use of nano-lubricant to extend its useful life and a large copper heatsink touching the GPU and heatpipes also from the same material. In addition to also supporting multi-color lighting synchronized with other AORUS devices via RGB Fusion 2.0.

The latest model is the AORUS XTREME WATERFORCE, which like the rest of GIGABYTE graphics cards with the same name does not use air cooling, but liquid cooling, which allows higher clock speeds than the rest of the models.


EVGA RTX 3080 12GB

In the case of EVGA, they have decided to use the designs of the custom RTX 3080 that they launched in their day for the creation of the new 12 GB model. At the moment they have announced 6 different variants with 2 of them with liquid cooling, but without specifying yet what are the unique characteristics of each one.


As with EVGA, INNO3D has decided not to create new custom designs for the 12GB RTX 3080 based on previously released models of the previous model. So outside of the general specifications of these graphics cards that we have already mentioned, there are no news regarding the brand’s custom models based on the previous 10 GB model.


Nor has MSI released new designs for the 12 GB RTX 3080, starting with the SUPRIM model that makes use of a TRI FROZR 2S cooling system that makes use of fourth generation TORX fans, air control system and even a heat sink. heat for the VRAM. All this with a polished aluminum design, integrated RGB lighting and Dual BIOS that allows us to go from a totally silent operation mode to one based on raw performance with the flick of a switch. The same cooling system is used in the GAMING TRIO, but it lacks the dual BIOS system, and to finish we have the Ventus 3X model, but that uses third-generation TORX fans.

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