This is the real guarantee that SilverStone offers on its products

In theory, things are clear. When you buy a component for the PC in an online or physical store, both the product and the business offer a guarantee by European regulations. But there are products that the manufacturer, out of confidence in their quality and as an extra incentive for their purchase, promises to offer a longer guarantee. SilverStone has a wide range of products, of which we have reviewed their guarantees and we tell you about them in detail.

Since January 2021, the European regulations on consumer guarantees extended the term of these, going from two years to three. Any new product purchased after that date will automatically obtain these three years of warranty.

Royal Decree-law of April 2021

Within the product range of silverstone we have a lot to choose from, from computer chassis to cabling and even today external USB boxes for our M.2 or SSD drives and all of them without exception must comply with European regulations, contemplated in the reform of the General Law for the defense of consumers and users included in a Royal Decree-omnibus law approved in April 2021 in our country and validating the 3-year warranty.

We understand that for an international company it can be somewhat complicated to carry out so many procedures and updates, and we expressly refer to it given that reviewing the official website by silverstone we have detected that for Europe They still mark as “minimum 2 years” warranty for its products -we attribute it to a lack of updating the web-, when this was correct until January 2022, but not since the date. Having said that, we are going to review their products and classify them by guarantee of how everything would look today, in case you ever buy a product, you will have it clear. In any case, it is always advisable to try to process the guarantee with the store where you bought the product, they will surely facilitate the procedures if you need them.

Warranty on SilverStone products


SilverStone is clear about it and also very well explained and exposed on its website -in the absence of being updated for Europe- and they make it clear that every product of the brand have to offer 3 years warranty, except for a series of products that would obtain an extended guarantee of 5 years marked by the manufacturer itself.

  • computer cases: 3 years warranty.
  • Storage devices: 3 years warranty.
  • cooling systems: 3 years warranty.
  • fans: 3-year warranty, except for:
    • TD02, TD03, TD02-E, TD03-E
  • Accessories (cables, lighting etc.): 3 year warranty.
  • power supplies, all start with a 3-year warranty except for:
    • ST55F-PT, ST65F-PT, ST75F-PT, ST85F-PT, ST1000-PT, ST1200-PT, ST1000-PTS, ST1200-PTS, ST60F-TI, ST70F-TI, ST80F-TI, ST1100-TI, ST1300- TI, ST1500-TI, SX700-PT, SX750-PT, SX1000 Platinum, NJ600, NJ700, ZM1350, ET550-G, ET650-G, ET750-G, ST55F-GS, ST65F-GS, ST75F-GS-V3, ST85F -GS-V2, ST1500-GS, ET500-MG, ET600-MG, ET700-MG, DA550 Gold, DA650 Gold, DA750 Gold, DA850 Gold, DA1650 Gold, HELA 2050 Platinum, SX800-LTI, SX700-LPT, SX700- G, SX650-G.

The sources are the most benefited by this extra guarantee, something common in general in the brands of the hardware sector, where the medium and high-end PSUs (power supplies) usually offer even up to 10 years depending on the manufacturer.

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