This is the real reason why a battery degrades (and it is not fast charging)

We all know that when we buy a device, be it a tablet, a laptop, a mobile phone or anything that has a battery, it lasts longer at that moment than after a while, since as the months go by it degrades and loses its capacity. max.

But, did you know why it happens? And above all, what is the main reason and the way to avoid it? We are going to review these two questions that we believe are very important and give you the best advice to avoid damage to it.

Take care of your battery with this advice

Most people believe that the two main reasons a battery loses capacity are the use of the fast charge and plugging in our device when it has less than 20% or more than 80%. However, although these two factors have a significant influence, it is not the main cause, at least seriously, for our battery to lose its original capacities.

kindle on the beach

So, what is it?, you ask. Well, neither more nor less than temperature to which we have the equipment. Yes, it is much more harmful than everything else. Of course, in specific cases. That is to say, that our computer gets hot because we are using a very powerful program and the fans are at full capacity should not be the cause, since they are prepared for it. However, the problem comes when we expose our device to conditions other than those for which it was manufactured. That is, the use of a tablet or laptop on the beach, or leaving our mobile in the car with the sun reflecting on it (even if we are driving).

Nothing happens if the times are normal, it does not mean that you cannot take out your mobile to send a WhatsApp because you are on the beach. The same thing happens with our skin, it does not burn from going out into the sun or from being exposed to a lot of heat at certain times, but if we leave it on for a long time, does it burn, right? Well, the same thing happens with electronic devices. You can use them, but if you leave them for hours at a temperature for which they are not made, your battery, like the rest of the components, will lose part of its useful life.

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And it is not necessary to do the test, but you can charge your mobile with fast charging for 1 year and you can lose 5% capacity, but if you leave this same day on a 40 degree day in the sun for 8 direct hours, it is likely that you don’t even have a phone when you go back for it, and if it continues to work, you can check its capacity, it will have been more damaged than you thought.

In short, leaving any device out in the sun or at extreme temperatures is much more harmful than anything else, especially because of its ability to damage in less time. So when you notice your mobile, tablet or computer very hot, wait a bit, put it in the shade and don’t use it. You could make it worse in moments.

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