This is the smallest laptop in the world, and it even runs GTA V!

It’s called GPD Win 2, and it’s the smallest laptop in the world, but that doesn’t mean it has bad specs, quite the opposite.

GPD Win 2

Its dimensions are 16cm x 9.9cm x 2.5cmits weight of 600 grams and your screen 6 inches. That’s how much this machine occupies with up to 8 hour battery (not many of the normal ones have it).

When we talk about a laptop, we look for that, that it be transportable from one place to another, but sometimes, due to vacations or simply a lack of space if we travel by plane, we need that device to be smaller. Perfect for answering emails, preparing a power point presentation or even playing a video game. And it is that it brings everything, it is exactly the same as a 13-inch but in miniature.

Its processor is an Intel core 2.6 GHz dual corehas 8GB of RAM and its internal storage depends on your budget and needs, it goes from 128 GB to 1 TB, yes, ssd. The graphics card, a Intel HD Graphics 615, enough for your screen size and need.

gta on gpd win 2

You can find it on different platforms, in this case we leave you the Amazon link.

As you can see, its price is not something super cheap, but we have to take into account that its specifications could be of a mid-range computer, especially due to its size, running a game at 4K on 26 inches is not the same as running it. on a device like this. A continuous 8-hour battery is not provided by a €500 computer, not even in a standard format. All this due to its size, which gives us these advantages but also the other. It is so small that we can leave our sight for many actions. You have to think how useful you would give it.

It has built-in controls for video games, and its processor and RAM allow you to download GTA V, LOL, FIFA and many more without any problem. Therefore, its utility could also be based on a travel console that in turn allows us to perform some computer task if we need it.

The screen is touch, another point in favor of such a size, which will allow us to carry out actions as if it were a tablet or mobile. As well as built-in bluetooth to connect headphones or even a mouse.

Something curious that we don’t see every day, now that you know it, it’s up to you if you find this product interesting or not, at least you already know about its existence, and if one day you need something of such a size, you will remember the and you will read this again.

There are more current versions such as GPD Win 3 and 4, but these are already more oriented to be a console, with a hidden keyboard and fewer portability options, their weight is already increasing, although not much. So they may also interest you.

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