This is the term you have to contract Apple Care

Apple Care is insurance offered by Apple to protect your device for longer and with better features than the warranty. It has an additional cost and to hire it you have to meet a series of characteristics. In this post we will tell you everything related to the deadlines you have to hire it and thus ensure all your new devices from the Cupertino company

When you buy an Apple device, the possibility of taking out insurance with which, if something happens to your device, Apple covers the damage. It is a kind of guarantee with which you can protect your Apple product without fear of having to pay a high amount of money to repair your device. Is about AppleCarea service from the Californian company with which you won’t have to worry about fixing your Apple products.

Different deadlines depending on each country

Although the service offered throughout the world is practically the same, the period of time to hire Apple Care varies by country, with more or less days to acquire it. For example, in Japan you have a period of 30 days after purchasing the device to contract this service. In mainland China you will only have one week to purchase it or 60 days if you go to an Apple Store. In the rest of the countries, you have 60 days to contract Apple Care without any problem. Depending on the country in which you are, the options to pay for this service extend up to a year after purchasing the product, as long as it is within the conditions established by the Californian company.

The period to hire this service is important since if the deadline is met you will not be able to contract the service in . Apple Care is a very good opportunity to always have your device covered, without suffering from breakages or problems that you may have. For a very good price, your Apple device is always protected, although you have to keep in mind that Apple Care does not cover all breakages that may arise, only those that may arise from the use of the devices. That is, if the breakage is caused by a fall or blow, Apple Care will not cover the repair. You have to be careful with these notes so as not to be confused with the guarantee.


Can the term be extended?

Before in some countries there were some restrictions regarding the time to contract Apple Care. However, for a few months the North American company extended this term. Before, in Spain, the term was 60 days, but now it has increased to one year. With the 90-day deadline, buyers didn’t have much time to decide if they really wanted it or if, on the contrary, they will need it.

One thing to keep in mind about this extension of the term is that if during that year the performance of your device has decreased, it is possible that this guarantee will not cover you. It will be a team of specialists who will evaluate the performance of the device to see if they can solve the problem. However, if it is a brand new device, it will cover all warranties.

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