This is the Top 5 games that are trending (today) on Steam

There are sweet moments in which several titles of those that provoke hype between the gamers and that they reach the sales levels they deserve. It is true that sometimes that occurs after a small bumpy start, but nothing that cannot be solved by a good price reduction in time. The fact is that if you want to know what is trending today and now on Steam, you can check it here. Behold!

The games that are trending on Steam

It must be said, first of all, that most of the titles will surely sound familiar to you because almost all of them are names that have been launched over the last week and that, in some of them, an interest gestated after months of news about them is also aroused. Others, however, are older but have not lost favor with the players and have remained there due to a solidity in their concepts that make them practically indestructible.

Here you have that Top 5, ordered from the lowest to the highest position.


We have already told you enough about this game that, however on Steam, is offering good sales figures. So we’re glad Square-Enix’s bet has stabilized and it’s all good news from now on. Enjundia and a lot of action are not lacking.


The surprise of showcase from Microsoft last week, the work of the same people who were behind The Evil Within, is a music platformer with a wild and urban look that is leaving everyone enchanted. It’s probably time for you to buy it… if you don’t have Game Pass.


This title is great battle royale with many elements of strategy and even role, and that encourages us to conquer the castle of the opposing team with all kinds of siege weapons. a game you have free2play in the Valve store and that will surely absorb many hours.

Endless Space

This game, which is already 11 years old, has come back to the fore because we have a new installment underway of the franchise Endless for this year and it has been given away. What does not mean that many who already enjoyed it at the time have returned and others have discovered it precisely at the beginning of 2023. In addition, the Definitive Edition It has now run at a really good price.

dead space

and what to say about one of the great launches of this beginning of 2023. A dead space remastered that is not only the return of an old classic, but has been polished and refined even more to offer us a little more story and game mechanics. Which? Well, for example, the new paths between stations, which will no longer be as easy to access as in the 2008 game.

If you haven’t tried it yet, you’re taking time! because we are before one of the best developments that have appeared in recent times… and that is saying a lot.

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