This is the week with the most Apple TV releases +

As you probably already know, every Friday there is new releases on Apple TV +. However, today is the day that the platform has issued the most content in its entire history, except for the day of its launch in November 2019. And if you don’t want to miss anything, we advise you to take a look at this post, now that we also tell you everything new that is to come in the coming weeks and months.

Finch set a record on the platform last week

The new tom hanks movie On Apple TV +, Finch, set a new record as Apple itself explained in a statement to Deadline. The company, as usual, did not give exact figures, as did other large platforms. They claimed that the past was the weekend with the highest number of spectatorsthanks to the release of this film, a milestone that would improve upon Palmer’s release a few months ago.

This week’s powerful premieres

If you do not have plans for this weekend, you can start to see The Shrink Next Door, the new Apple TV + series starring Will Ferrel and Paul Rudd. It is inspired by real events and the particular relationship between Isaac Herschkopf (“the famous psychiatrist”) and Mary Makowitz. Your first three chapters and we will be attending a new one every Friday until completing its first season on December 17th.

On the other hand, the little ones in the house can already enjoy the second season of Snoopy in Space, which is nicknamed “Searching for life on other planets.” There are again 12 chapters that make up this new batch and surely even the most nostalgic adults will enjoy watching the new adventures of one of the most famous animated characters in history.

Apart from this, we have other chapter premieres of the series of the platform that are in emission:

  • Acapulco: Chapter 7 of its first season.
  • Dickinson: Chapter 4 of its third season.
  • Dr. Brain: Chapter 2 of its first season.
  • Foundation: Chapter 9 of its first season (penultimate).
  • Invasion: Chapter 5 of its first season.
  • The Morning Show: Chapter 9 of its second season (penultimate).
  • Swagger: Chapter 4 of its first season.

And after that? Upcoming releases on Apple TV +

From next week until January there are already several confirmed premieres for the platform. Be careful, it does not mean that they will be the only ones, but those that have already been confirmed. It must be said that there are other premieres that are also pending and that at the moment they have no confirmed date.

  • With confirmed dates:
    • Harriet the spy: new children’s series premiering next week (November 19)
    • The Line: new docuseries that premieres next week (November 19)
    • Fight before Christmas: new movie premiering on November 26
    • The magic continues with Mariah Carey: Christmas special premiering on December 4
    • The swan song: new movie premiering on December 17
    • Macbeth: new movie premiering January 14
    • Servant: premiere of the third season of the series on January 21
  • No date confirmed for 2022:
    • Cycles: third season of the series
    • Killers of the Flower Moon: new movie
    • The Mosquito Coast: second season of the series
    • Laison: New serie
    • Magic Johnson: new docuseries inspired by the former NBA player
    • Mythic Quest: third season of the series
    • Now and Then: New serie
    • For all humanity: third season of the series
    • Ted Lasso: third season of the series
    • Tehran: second season of the series
    • The Afterparty: New serie
    • The Reluctant Traveler: new travel program

Remember in any case that every week we update the post in which we include the entire Apple TV + catalog, so if you have questions you can always consult it.

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