This is the wireless repair module of the Apple Watch Series 7

One of the novelties presented by the Apple Watch Series 7 is that it lacks the hidden port for diagnosis that all the previous models had since it was implemented in the series 3. From this port, an Apple repairman could connect a cable to the smartwatch and thus from a computer to test the device, and install a new watchOS if necessary.

With the new series, this repair will be done in a wireless, through a special base, which will be connected to a computer. Below we can see how this tool is used by Apple repairers.

Apple is always on top of how its devices work, constantly looking out for their safety and that of their users, and their software is always in constant evolution. Every two by three, we have a new one upgrade of the device, whatever it is, that we usually install it without hesitation. If Apple launched it, it will be for a reason.

But we are not very aware that every time we update our device carries its risk. If anything happens at the right time that the new software is being recorded, for example a power failure, the outcome can be fatal: The device is totally free inoperativeSince you have lost the software version you had in your ROM, and if the new one has not been burned correctly, it just won’t boot anymore.

If this occurs on an Apple Watch, it is easy for the company to fix. From Series 3 to Series 6, every Apple Watch has a hidden connector. Using a special cable, an Apple repairer can connect an Apple Watch “without software”, and with a special boot, he can reinstall a watchOS using this cable and bring the device back to life. Problem solved.

Apple Watch Series 7 lacks diagnostic connector

The other day we already commented that the new Apple Watch series 7 already lacked said diagnostic connector. From now on, this check is carried out wirelessly, thanks to the wireless transfer module of 60.5 GHz riding the new series.

And this module communicates with a special wireless base that works on the same high-speed frequency. This base is the tool that the apple repairmen to be able to access an Apple Watch Series 7 from a computer. This way they will be able to check it, and if necessary, reinstall a new watchOS as they did previously “via cable”.


This is the diagnostic basis of the Apple Watch Series 7.

Thanks to the Brazilian regulatory agency Anatel that has approved the Apple Watch Series 7 models, we can see images of what the repair base is like that the company’s technicians will use to repair the new Apple Watch series via software.

Said base is clearly designed to diagnostics and has a two-piece construction. A charging disc of the Apple Watch is housed in the lower base, and then a second piece that houses the Apple Watch itself forms the upper part, joining the two forming a block.

The company’s motive in making life difficult in this way is simply to remove the diagnostic port from the Apple Watch, thereby increasing the tightness Of the device. At the moment, it is not known if this base will only be for the internal use of the company, or will also sell it to external repairers. We will see.

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