This is the world’s most advanced robot capable of replicating hyper-realistic facial expressions | VIDEO

Technology advances by leaps and bounds, with designs that seek to improve people’s quality of life, within this vision the idea of create robots with physiognomy and human resemblance that they can support with daily tasks, as well as tasks considered high risk.

We now know that a UK laboratory has created a humanoid robot, which goes by the name Ameca, and that it looks like something out of a science fiction movie, since its expressions are very realistic and similar to those of a human being, it is quite disturbing for some users.

This humanoid with hyper-realistic factions seeks to be a development platform for future innovations in the robot section, basically it works as a prototype to be able to start the creation of new implementations on human-robots

Ameca has been listed as the ‘most advanced humanoid in the world’.

Ameca stores inside a system made up of various modules to be able to gesture as any human does. This design has been “released” to be used by any other developer, Furthermore, its level of complexity is low with the idea that it can be implemented in the future.

It works under the operating system called Tritium, which according to the developers, artificial intelligence must have a face and that is also the role of this robot, through modules and updates via hardware and software, it is expected that this way, at least in United Kingdom, welcome the biotechnology.

Ameca It is already available for sale, so anyone can buy it and implement it for any type of development, although at the moment its official price has not been revealed. One of the things that attracts the most attention is that their movements are smooth as if it were a human.


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