This is what AMD will release in early 2022: CPU and APU?


The Ryzen 6000 APUs will use Zen 3+, a name that we stopped reading and hearing for months and that would have returned to define the differences between both generations of laptop processors. What are the differences between the standard version and the plus version of the third generation Zen? Will we see them on desktop CPUs or is AMD’s roadmap different?

The configurations of the AMD Zen 3 processors are quite complicated, apart from the standard model we have the so-called Zen 3D whose peculiarity is the use of the V-Cache. Well, apparently we are going to have a new variant and it is that AMD would not have ruled out the name of Zen 3+, after all, it would not be in the sense that we talked about ourselves.

Zen 3+ for AMD Ryzen 6000 APUs

AMD-Zen-3 + -cover

We know that APUs formerly known as Rembrandt are going to appear under the Ryzen 6000 trademark and will be introduced at CES by Lisa Su. Until a few months ago the rumor mill confused the Zen 3+ cores with the CCX CCDs with V-Cache that were recently introduced as Milan-X and that name was forgotten for a while.

As it turns out, AMD could resurrect the Zen 3+ name in its Ryzen 6000 APUs, however, the plus in the name would come from things like DDR5 memory support and the memory inclusion of a Integrated GPU RDNA 2. Although we should also add the possibility that the amount of L3 cache increases, giving a small boost to the IPC, taking advantage of the higher density offered by the 6 nm variant of TSMC.

AMD Ryzen V1000 V2000 V3000

The AMD president is expected to unveil the new notebook APUs accompanied by new models of the RX 6000 notebook GPUs in a few weeks. So the war between Intel and AMD in laptops is already served. Will a simple upgrade to its Zen 3 be enough for AMD to cope with the Intel Core 12 for laptops? Who knows, what we do know is that we will not see the V-Cache in them.

In conclusion, Zen 3+ will not be a really improved kernel, but rather a marketing maneuver that will take advantage of improvements from one generation to another to sell a non-existent improved version. Luckily, the new APUs will bring news beyond their CPU and those are very important changes.

Ryzen 6000 on the desktop?


Another of the great doubts facing CES is the existence of the AMD Ryzen for desktop, if we recap the rumors we will realize that a successor to the AMD Ryzen 5000 Vermeer was speculated under the name of Warhol. Months later Lisa Su showed us an AMD Ryzen that used a CCD with V-Cache in the middle of a presentation, which is what you can see in the image above.

At the moment the only CPU based on Zen 3 with V-Cache has been Milan-X, the improved version of the AMD EPYC based on Zen 3, but since the CCX CCD is the same and it is not necessary to make changes to the IOD that accompanies them to form the processor, then there is no doubt that AMD would not cost to launch and present a new range of their Ryzen for desktop, which for marketing reasons would make sense that it was called Ryzen 6000 to match its launch with the APU Rembrandt.

In any case, we do not believe that AMD uses the Zen 3+ brand for its new desktop processors, leaving this for the APUs that will come out for laptops. It will be necessary to see how the DDR5 memory (Rembrandt) and a greater amount of L3 cache end up affecting its performance of the Zen 3 cores and if the V-Cache on the desktop (Warhol) will be enough as a response to Intel Core 12.

In addition, and finally, Rembrandt with Zen 3+ will mark the launch of the first AM5 motherboards with DDR5 support, paving the way for Zen 4 (Raphael) and its new CPUs that will compete for the crown of performance of new to gaming.

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