This is what GTA V looks like with a mod that adds AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution

The technology AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) officially launched on June 22 with support for just 7 games, but with another 12 games in the chamber with support announced for the future. However, thanks to a community user, FidelityFX is now also available for GTA V in form of mod (without official support, yes), and in fact the creator has published a video so that we can appreciate the performance difference that we can get by using this AMD technology.

The creator of the mod is called NarutoUA, and what he has done to enable FidelityFX has been to replace the internal scaler from GTA V, which means that the FSR profiles can be selected by changing the frame scaling mode found in the settings of Advanced game graphics, as simple as that.

AMD FidelityFX now available in GTA V … but with a mod

The result of using this mod in GTA V does not seem to have any impact on performance, and in fact in the video above you can see that it has RivaTuner activated showing the FPS and there are no substantial changes when activated or disables FSR. Contrary to what we might expect with a mod that enables FSR in a game (an increase in performance), the improvements that can be seen are in terms of graphic quality, since it is slightly noticeable that the image is sharper when the mod is enabled than when not, with better defined graphics and generally a less blurry image.

AMD has promised to make FidelityFX Super Resolution technology open source for anyone to use and implement in their games, and yet this has yet to happen. For this reason, the modder used a pre-compiled shader binary from a game that does have native FSR support and has implemented it in GTA V. By the way, the source code for the mod is on Github, where anyone can review and compile it manually. if you want.

AMD FSR, does it improve quality or improve performance?

The launch of this mod for GTA V has made us wonder if this technology is designed to improve performance in games through super scaling, or if it is rather to improve graphic quality. In principle, FSR is an algorithm that is responsible for taking the image buffer at a specific resolution and creating from it an image equal to a higher resolution, so like NVIDIA DLSS what it does is render the images to a resolution lower than what is displayed on the screen and then scale it. The result is that the GPU has less work to do when rendering images at lower resolution and therefore should show better performance, but not better graphics quality.

However, it seems that at least on this occasion when FSR has been implemented in a game that is not supported by a mod and using binaries from another game, the result has been just the other way around: performance has been maintained at At the same level, there have been no gains or losses, and yet what has been achieved has been a better defined image.

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