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There are many players who believe that Elden Ring It is by far the best game this year. Arrived in stores on February 25, it has only succeeded wherever it has set its claws. Whether it’s PC, PlayStation or Xbox and now, after hundreds of hours hanging around the Middle Lands, things are going to change enough to make our way through that terrible world even more complicated (if it wasn’t already).

A DLC that won’t cost you anything

If you haven’t been through for a few days Elden Ring you will have verified by doing it now that some important things have changed since the game client has been automatically updated on both PC and PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. Indeed, the so-called DLCs have arrived with the Necrolimbo, Leyndell and Caelid Coliseums which will be scenarios in which different players can measure themselves against each other to see what their levels of power and legend are.

I don’t know if you remember the day when world of warcraft received something similar and the huge turnaround that the game gave with the whole reward system of the old combat arenas, so Elden Ring could be on the verge of a similar phenomenonespecially if you are die-hard fans of these PvP modes in which a player can spend hours trying their luck to become the king of one-on-one confrontations.

The doors to those Middle-Earth arenas will be open from today, December 7th, so please update your game client now to start testing it as quickly as possible, before other players take the lead in those inhospitable lands of Elden Ring fighting in these arenas both in one-on-one matches, and in teams of three members within the same squad.

It won’t be the last of the patches

With the arrival of this DLC of the Coliseums of the Middle Lands The support of the FromSoftware title is not over since the Japanese have a rather complex calendar of patches (not only to always improve performance) that will be arriving in the near future, to make the experience of what many consider a great experience even greater. authentic GOTY that could crown its success at the future The Game Awards that will be held on the night of December 8 to 9 starting at 1:30 p.m. am.

Looking ahead to that awards ceremony, Elden Ring part as nominee in seven different categories such as the best direction, best narrative, best artistic direction, best soundtrack, best sound design, best RPG and, obviously, best game of the year.

A huge number of awards that come to endorse an undeniable success of FromSoftware that, to this day, has managed to place almost 14 million units for all the systems in which it is available. Did you play it? Do you think we are really facing the best game of the year? Tell us!

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