This is what The Batman would be like if it were based on the life of Ted Lasso

The Batman, the new Robert Pattinson

It is one of the most anticipated superhero movies. After many delays due to the pandemic, the film directed by Matt Reeves finally seems to set a firm course for a launch that if nothing fails will take place at the beginning of March 2022. There are still a few months to go before its premiere, but that does not mean that the production began to promote itself as it should (this increases the hype, of course), among other things with a trailer that saw the light ago few days.

In it we have been able to see how Robert Pattinson he gets into the shoes of one of DC’s most iconic characters and does so by entering a Bruce Wayne that seems here to be darker than ever.

This halo of personal torment is accompanied by a very consistent setting, with dark photography and music that also leads us to possibly one of the crudest portraits of the world. Bat Man that we will see on the big screen.

This is far (far) from the carefree and cheerful air that is generally enjoyed in the Ted Lasso series, something that however has not prevented a user from doing their magic and mixing both products with a… very epic result.

Ted Lasso a la Batman de Reeves

As we pointed out, the optimistic tone of the production of Apple TV + It is far from what we see in the trailer of The batman. Even with this, a Twitter user has had the genius to unite both worlds and make us see what the series of the streaming platform would be like if it were oriented the same as the cinematographic film.

Using the few key moments where Ted Lasso becomes more dramatic (Ted’s anxiety attack, Nathan’s rebellion …) along with other scenes that also hit the mark with the change of rhythm and music, a new video trailer has been mounted to which the soundtrack of The batman It is not going to be painted. And if you don’t believe it, take a look below and press the play:

As you can see, it only takes take things out of context so that they totally change their meaning. Many of the scenes seen of Ted correspond to moments that do not have to be as intense or dark as they are in Batman, however, the right cut and the music in its key rhythm are decisive so that it seems that you are watching another series.

What did you think of this twist of the great Premier coach? We are better off with the good roll that distills the series and we leave the drama for Batman, don’t you think?

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