This is what the first EVGA DARK motherboard looks like for AMD processors

There is no doubt that EVGA is one of the most prestigious brands in the PC gaming hardware scene, although only for Intel, but the fact that when mounting a PC with an AMD CPU was an option not available to the time to choose the motherboard will soon come to an end.

First image of EVGA X570S DARK motherboard

As they say, where there is smoke there is fire, and the rumor in the end has come true, as EVGA during the past week already made a preview of its first motherboard for AMD CPUs in the form of a 9-second teaser. The EVGA X570S DARKThis is how they have baptized her, it will be for AMD processors under the AM4 socket and will make use of the AMD X570 chipset, which indicates that we are facing a High-end motherboard and therefore aimed at the gaming market.


Well, through the Facebook account of the overclocker Vince Lucido has been able to see an image of the EVGA X570S Dark, his first motherboard for AMD processors. Although at the moment we have only been able to see it from one side. According to the information leaked by Lucido, its appearance is very similar to the EVGA DARK X590 not yet released on the market for Intel CPUs with LGA1200 socket and especially for CPUs with Rocket Lake-S architecture. Motherboard which is still unpublished in the market.

Why has EVGA taken so long to adopt AMD CPUs?

EVGA logo

The skill set required to make graphics cards is the same as that required to make a motherboard. After all, things like the GPU and VRAM in the case of a graphics card and the chipset in another do not depend on the manufacturer of the graphics card or the motherboard, but are parts that are provided externally.

So the manufacturer ends up focusing on the analog part of the design, which is universal for all types of PCBs and is that basically, both a motherboard and a graphics card are the same in terms of their manufacture. That is, it is nothing more than a PCB that combines digital logic and third-party memory with internally developed analog circuitry.

analog circuit

That is why we see companies like ASUS, GIGABYTE, MSI and a long etcetera. Manufacturing both graphics cards and motherboards, the reason is that the set of processes and resources of these companies that define what they can do serves both for one thing and the other. Now, until now EVGA has focused only on Intel processors when it comes to motherboards. Being an exception in a market in which the manufacturers of motherboards touch all the possible suits of the deck.

Working exclusively for Intel gave EVGA a number of contractual advantages. But there are other reasons, which have to do with the hardware margins for AMD. Since it is assumed that this will be cheaper then the margins are lower. The recent price hike for AMD components has caused EVGA to stop ignoring AMD CPUs when it comes to making its motherboards.

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