This is what the new Warzone Vanguard map looks like that takes us to the Pacific

The new Warzone map

Warzone Vanguard map

From the hand of Amos Hodge, Associate Creative Director at Raven Software, we have finally been able to know the first details of what the new Warzone map will bring us. According to Hodge, the idea of ​​Vanguard was to ensure the experience and character of the game, beyond multiplayer and reaching Warzone, so they have created a new map that reflects all this atmosphere. The result? A spectacular map located in the Pacific.

Warzone Vanguard map

The new map attracts attention with its colorful tropical landscape, with reddish lands, many palm trees and many elevations of the terrain. The area (which in an island) will be full of points of interest, among which there will be large wooded points with quite uneven terrain, giving rise to very striking places and corners.

Some areas of interest

Warzone Vanguard map

As we have seen in the few seconds that the pre-alpha gameplay images show, we can identify some residential areas, a fairly high mountain, a waterfall that will give a sense of movement and life on the map, as well as large tropical forests and a lot of unevenness. In short, an apparently very dynamic map that will give a lot of play in the games, and surely also in the narrative of each season.

With the graphic quality of Vanguard

Warzone Vanguard map

The problem that Warzone inherited in the beginning is that it inherited the Modern Warzone graphics engine, so with the launch of Cold War it fell well behind in terms of graphic quality. Now, with this new map, Raven Software seeks to reset this aspect relying on the same technologies and graphic engine that we will enjoy in the Call of Duty: Vanguard campaign, so the result can be quite impressive.

This will allow offering cross-play, cross-progression and cross-gen support, so there will be no limits to play with friends who are on other platforms and even on another generation of consoles.

Against cheats

Warzone Vanguard map

One of the great innovations on PC is that the new Warzone will include an anti-cheat system that will ensure the user experience, preventing cheats from using illegal software to achieve victories in the easiest and dirtiest way. possible. We will have to see if this system really works, but it is good news that Activision is focused on eradicating this problem since the launch of the new Warzone.

When is the new Warzone map released?

Warzone Vanguard map

The only thing that is known so far is that the new Warzone experience will arrive right after the launch of Vanguard, so we will have time to enjoy the campaign and then receive the update with the new battle royale. Knowing that Call of Duty: Vanguard will hit stores on November 5, we do not know if Warzone will arrive that same month or will make us wait until December. Let’s just hope it doesn’t take too long and that they let us jump to the new island this year.

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