This is what will change in WhatsApp Web from now on

WhatsApp is adding new privacy features to the Web version. Yes, despite the controversial privacy policy for iOS and Andrid, the messaging application has included a new feature that protects users when linking their account on WhatsApp Web or the application of desk.

Now, every time someone wants to access WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp Deskop, they will need to identify themselves through their fingerprint or facial recognition , as long as the mobile has this option available. It is a security feature that prevents other users from setting up our account in order to access our conversations. Until now, to link an account to WhatsApp Web, you only had to enter the app and scan a QR code. Therefore, if a user accesses your device and enters WhatsApp, they can quickly scan the code in their browser and enter your account.

WhatsApp Web works remotely, it is not It is necessary for the terminal to be close to or connected to the same WiFi network. You only need the mobile to have an internet connection .

That this happens is something unlikely, since many users they have an unlock code on their terminal. However, with this new function we can ensure that no one can access the desktop version without permission from the device user. The company has mentioned in a Twitter post that WhatsApp does not record your unlock data via fingerprint or facial recognition.

One more security measure that joins the existing ones

Today we’re starting to roll out a new security feature for WhatsApp Web and Desktop: face and fingerprint unlock when linking devices.

WhatsApp does not see your face or fingerprint data.

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– WhatsApp (@WhatsApp) January 28 , 2021

It is not the only security measure that the messaging app has in order that no one can enter your bill. The messaging application also notifies by means of a notification if someone logs in from the web version . In addition, in the WhatsApp settings we can also see a history with the sessions started and the last time they were accessed. This is in addition to the possibility of logging into the app using our fingerprint or Face ID. However, this last option is optional.

This new security feature for WhatsApp Web and for the desktop application begins to reach all users from today. Check if there is any WhatsApp update available on your mobile and go to Settings> WhatsApp Web / Desktop , to use the option. It is possible that at the beginning it will ask you for permission to use the fingerprint or facial recognition.

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