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WhatsApp has become, for more than a decade, almost a religion for the more than 2,000 million people who use it daily today, an application that, as the years have gone by, has increased in popularity. number of functions and with which we can make calls, video calls, surveys, create groups, send content to be played only once and much more.

Being such an important tool on a day-to-day basis for the millions of users who use it on a daily basis, the worst that can happen to us is that our account is stolen and, overnight, we cannot continue using it. The first thing we must do is make sure that our account has been hacked and is being used by someone else. A clear indication that someone else has access to our account is found in conversations that we have not carried out.

If we have not received any confirmation message from WhatsApp with the authentication code that is sent when we register WhatsApp on a new smartphone, we must access the section paired devicessince it is possible that a third person has had access to our mobile and has opened a session through the WhatsApp application for Windows or using WhatsApp.

recover whatsapp account

Initially, it is more than enough to close all WhatsApp sessions that are open, since, in this way, any access to our account that has not been authorized will be eliminated, including those that we usually use to use this application apart from our mobile phone.

However, if we want to be completely sure, we must delete our whatsapp account and start over from scratch. The problem with closing our WhatsApp account is that we are going to lose all the message history, we will leave all the groups we are in and, in addition, all our backup data will also be deleted, either in Google Drive or in iCloud.

To close the WhatsApp account, we must access the configuration options of the application. Next, we click on Account and then in Delete my account. In the upper part we are indicated all the data that we are going to lose. To confirm that we want to delete our WhatsApp account, click on Delete my account and confirm that we want to carry out the process.

Once we have closed the account, the WhatsApp home screen will be displayed where we must enter our phone number to re-register on the platform. If we do not want to be forced to carry out the same operation in the future, we must protect our account.

Prevent your WhatsApp account from being stolen again

If we want to protect our account so that no one but us can access our account, we must activate two-step verification. In this way, when someone wants to access, we will have to enter the PIN code that we have previously established. This option is available in the menu Accountthe section two-step verification. Within this menu, we have to click on Activate and create a 6-digit code that will be our password to prevent anyone else from accessing our account.

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