This is what you must do in Pokémon Purple and Scarlet so that Nintendo does not punish you

We must admit that things have changed a lot over the last decades because if you remember the 90s, having a list of tricks with which to access other phases, gain lives, collect thousands of coins or become invincible was what most normal in the world. Even companies made those codes public so that they would later appear in the magazines of the time. Although that will not happen with Pokemon Emerald Y purple pokemon.

imminent launch

As we say, things have changed a lot and that old habit of chetar the code-based game is no longer well regarded. Among other things because there is an online part in practically all the developments that requires companies to ensure fair play of gamers and really check that all your achievements and milestones are absolutely legitimate. And that’s what Nintendo is into in these days leading up to the release of Pokemon Emerald Y purple pokemon.

Indeed, on Friday, November 18, 2022, another two new titles in the series arrive on Nintendo Switch and the Japanese are already paving the way for the competition to be the best Paldea coach (new scenario with an air of sandbox that all sources indicate that it is loosely inspired by our Iberian Peninsula) be as noble, transparent and clean as possible.

Be that as it may, one of the main legs of these games Pokemon they deal with collecting creatures and, in certain game modes, trading with other players. Well, this is exactly where they come from. nintendo threats to all those who are tempted to choose the shortest path.

Be careful with the Pokémon you trade

It has been in a publication on the official Pokémon page in Japan where we have been able to read the warnings released by Nintendo where, he acknowledges, he has been able to confirm that “some users are playing the series Pokemon Y Pokémon HOME using illegally modified data«. This, essentially, is not only a way of chetar the game in an unethical way but according to the company, this “illegally modified data causes problems in the operation of software applications”.

So ahead of the release of Pokemon Emerald Y purple pokemon they are clear that they are going to persecute this practice, in such a way that have decided to take VERY harsh disciplinary measures for all users who cause problems to others during that exchange process. Moreover, even if we try, playing dumb will not prevent us from being sanctioned and Nintendo specifically specifies that excuses such as “I accidentally received them” or “I did not realize it, but the data exchanged was modified” will not work.

These measures will be as simple as they are effective and it is certain that many will refrain from trading these Pokémon in their games as they risk being excluded from the community:

  • Restrictions on online gambling within Pocket Monsters.
  • Restrictions on the use of certain exchange functions within Pokémon HOME (in its mobile version).
  • The above will cause the suspension of the use of Pokémon HOME (both on mobile and on the Nintendo Switch itself).
  • Pokémon Bank.

So with all of the above, are you going to risk trading with Pokemon that are not strictly official?

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