This is what your TV consumes, but you can save on the bill

How much does a television consume?

Keep in mind that not all televisions consume the same, logically. Nor do all users use this device for the same time and, therefore, they will not spend the same. However, we can do an average and get an idea of ​​more or less how much we are going to spend per light year with TV.

That is why we echo a report that they have launched from OCU, where they show how much certain household appliances spend. According to this report, the average annual consumption of a television in Spain is 263 kWh. It is above other appliances and gadgets that we have at home.

But of course, that’s an average. An LED television is not the same as an LCD or plasma. There may be important differences, as it will also depend on the inches of each one. Now, how much does 263 kWh really add to the bill? If, for example, we put a price of €0.16 per kWh, per year we would be spending about €42.

We can say that television represents over 10% of total consumption annual electricity in a home in Spain. Once again, it is an average and a house in which they watch 2 hours of television a week is not the same as another in which they watch 5 hours a day. But you can get an idea that it represents an important part.

Electricity consumption of a TV

How to save electricity with television

What can we do to save on the electricity bill with television? Something basic is to try to have a low consumption TV. The type of screen is going to be fundamental. The ones that consume the least are those with an LED screen. Therefore, if you are going to change your television, try to have this type of screen and you will be able to spend less light. Also, inches are going to be key; the larger the screen, the more consumption.

But you can also carry out small adjustments to save money on the bill when using the television, without the need to change it. A very clear case is to turn it off from the power when you do not use it. Do not leave it on Stand By, because even if the consumption is very small, in the end you are spending electricity and the sum of everything counts.

Also, you can adjust brightness. The lower it is, the less light it will consume. Maybe you don’t need it to be so bright. This is especially useful if, for example, you are cooking or doing any other task and you have the TV on in the background. Maybe you only have it to listen to the news and you’re not really watching it. There you can adjust the screen to save light.

In short, as you watch a television, it consumes an important part of the monthly electricity bill. On average, you spend 263 kWh annually, but you can take into account some tips to try to save money.

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