This is why you must protect any device you have connected

Why is the safety of all equipment important?

Sometimes we focus on protecting the computer and the mobile, which we can say are the devices we use the most, and we neglect other devices. Think, for example, of a television or any IoT device that you have at home, such as smart light bulbs or video players. On many occasions we leave them unprotected and that is a mistake.

May affect other equipment

A clear reason why it is a mistake to leave a device unprotected on the network is that it can reach affect other devices. Think, for example, of a surveillance camera that you have connected to the router and that has some uncorrected vulnerability. You may not use that device frequently, but it can still put your security at risk.

It could affect other devices that are connected to the same network. For example, it could allow an attacker to gain remote access through a vulnerable device on that network. You should always improve the security of physical equipment, but also when using the cloud.

Being part of a botnet

That vulnerable team could be part of a botnet. This would lead to attacks on other users, sending Spam, etc. You will be part of a larger network, where there will be many vulnerable devices from all over the world. For example they can use our device for a DDoS attack against a server.

Hackers scour the network for connected devices that may have vulnerabilities. A way to exploit them to carry out attacks against others. It is what a botnet or botnet is based on.

Steps in a botnet attack

Put the network at risk

could also compromise the security of the entire network. At the end of the day, it is a possible entry route that an attacker will have. He will be able to exploit that uncorrected bug and take control of a computer through which he could easily access the network and affect its proper functioning.

Even if you have a good password for Wi-Fi and security is correct, at least on paper, it is equally important that all devices that connect to that network are also protected. If one fails, it can put the entire network at risk and cause problems.

Expose personal data

You should also think about the risk of exposing personal information. For example, if you have a network-connected TV where you’re logged into a social network or use platforms like Netflix, all of that can be compromised if an attacker gains access without your knowledge.

In this way, the fact that this particular computer is not protected can expose your personal data even if it is something that you do not use frequently. Hence, once again, it is essential to have the latest versions and correct any possible vulnerability that may appear.

In short, you must protect any device connected to the network very well. It is essential that they are updated and thus be able to correct any vulnerability that appears. It is also important to install an antivirus on each of them, whenever possible.

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