This job offer pays you up to $335,000 to train Artificial Intelligence

Everything related to the Artificial intelligence It is growing exponentially over the past few months. A multitude of platforms come to us from companies that have focused on this type of operation, which is why they are looking for specialized workers in all of this.

Hence, many people who have sufficient knowledge to contribute their grain of sand to these companies that want to focus on the AI, you are in luck. This is precisely the case that we want to talk about below and that will serve as an example for many who want to delve into this field of technology. Starting from the fact that it is a technological sector that is in full growth, the professional requirements by companies are on the rise right now.

To give you an idea, now we are going to talk about a position especially suitable for those trained to train Artificial Intelligence. This is a job offered by the firm Anthropic for this type of task. Actually, we are referring to a firm that is basically made up of former workers of the popular ChatGPT platform and which is currently a subsidiary of Google. In fact, the search giant has so far invested more than 400 million dollars for the development and growth of the company.

The funny thing is that they have just launched an interesting job offer focused on looking for phrases to give orders to chatbot of the AI. To give you an approximate idea of ​​what we are telling you here, it is worth mentioning that the work is based on designing better orders so that Artificial Intelligences give more accurate answers to users.

Train an AI and earn a stratospheric salary

In this way, what is intended is that we become AI platform trainers and thus improve its performance. Although this is quite original and striking, perhaps the most interesting of all is the salary that that Artificial Intelligence coach could access. We are not talking about a salary that is within the reach of anyone, since in this job position a salary of between $250,000 and $335,000 year.

One of the main objectives of this job role is to know how to locate the most precise phrases and terms so that they produce the best results when users interact with the AI. All this in order to be able to write texts, tutorials and courses of all kinds, just as a human would develop them. The technical requirement that will allow us to access this job position is to have knowledge of the Python programming language.

In addition, we must bear in mind that the aforementioned salary is not the only thing that implies this attractive job as an Artificial Intelligence trainer. The Google subsidiary also offers us health insurance, Pension plan and actions of the company. To all this, we can add between four and six weeks of vacation that we can take and also help us move to the city of San Francisco, where they are based.

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