This keyboard, ideal for gaming and work, on sale at less than half its price

Whether we spend many hours in front of the computer or if we want to enjoy our free time in front of the computer to the fullest, the keyboard and mouse are the two elements that allow us to interact with it, so, as far as possible, we must choose the highest quality products possible. Fortunately, if we take advantage of some other offer, the quality is not at odds with the price and a clear example is the offer that we found in PcComponentes with the keyboard Corsair K60 Pro which is 55% off.

The Corsair K60 Pro keyboard is a mechanical keyboard built in a brushed aluminum frame with Cherry Viola switches that incorporate red backlighting. Cherry Viola switches, like most mechanical keyboard switches, are designed to withstand millions of keystrokes. Unlike membrane keyboards, if a switch stops working, we can easily replace it without having to replace the entire keyboard.

The switches that we find in the Corsair K60 Pro are red type, so the sound that each key emits is less compared to blue or brown switches, ideal switches for people who like the noise of the keys. when writing since it allows them to confirm through sound, if they have pressed the corresponding key at each moment.

Features of the Corsair K60 Pro

This keyboard is complete, with 105 keys, so we can use it both to work, study or play, it includes the possibility of blocking the Win key to avoid that if we press it while we play, we get out of the game, it includes a key to extract both the keys to proceed to the cleaning the keyboard as well as the switches in case one of them stops working. Also, as it is a mechanical keyboard, we are never going to accidentally press any key if we usually leave our fingers lightly resting on the keyboard.

The usual price of this keyboard is 99.99 euros, however, during the Orange Days that PcComponentes is celebrating, we can find it for only 44.99 euros, which represents a discount of 55% on its usual price, for less than half of its usual price. If you are looking for a good, nice and cheap keyboard, you should not miss this offer.

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