This LEGO Toyota Supra is life-size and can be driven

Lego Toyota Supra

What of LEGO Creating life-size replicas of iconic cars is nothing new, in the past we have already seen how they have done it on more than one occasion and it has always been good for them. So, for example, we have block-based versions of the Bugatti Chiron. Although it is not the only one and there are also others like the Lamborghini Sin FKP 37.

Well, now it is the turn of another of those iconic cars to have its own replica LEGO parts: the Toyota Supra. Taking advantage of the fact that the popular Toyota vehicle turns 35, the company toys and its designers accepted the challenge of creating a life-size car that would not only have the same dimensions and all those small details that characterize it, it would also be possible to drive it.

For the construction of this life-size replica, 477,303 LEGO pieces. These were used to make practically the entire vehicle, although as you can guess there are parts that could not be replicated based on blocks if the other objective of the project was to be achieved: that it could be driven.

Original parts were used for the wheels, driver’s seat, steering wheel and some external elements. The same as for the engine, which in this case and for obvious reasons, the six-cylinder was replaced by an electric one that allows the car to move at a speed. speed of 28 kilometers per hour.

Now that it is done, it only remains to enjoy it. Something that fans of both the car brand and LEGO can do in various locations. The first will be in Legoland Japan and until October 11 of this year 2021 it will be able to be seen. From there, the venues where fans can visit them will be different. These will coincide with those that will compete in Toyora Gazoo Racing, a Super GT racing league.

This is the Toyota Supra created with LEGO pieces

In the LEGO channel there are three videos published (video 1, video 2 and video 3) where the car is shown and in them some interesting details. The problem is that they are blocked for many countries, so you would have to access through a VPN to make believe that you are playing them from Japan.

Luckily, there are other users who have downloaded them and, as is the case in the video you see above, they are also commenting on it and showing interesting things. Although just looking at the images is enough to see the real show that is this life-size replica of the Toyota Supra.

And as an extra bonus, the above life-size videos of the other two cars that the company created long ago. Which also has no waste. Who had enough pieces and a suitable room to have them, right?

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