This Logitech steering wheel for PC and PS5 at almost half the price: don’t let it escape

If we want to enjoy any driving game in the best possible way, we will never do it by pounding on our keyboard or using a controller. To do it in the best possible way, we need a steering wheel and pedals to make the driving sensation as immersive as possible. If, in addition, we connect several monitors to the equipment to extend the screen, the sensation will already be bestial if we add a cockpit to that.

In order to carry out our dream, a lot of money is necessary, but, if we take advantage of any of the different offers that we can find on Amazon, we can save a lot of money, if we want to start with the most basic things: a steering wheel and pedals. On Amazon we can find the Logitech G29, a set of steering wheel with paddles and pedals with a 40% discountan incredible offer that we should not miss if we have been getting started in this world for a while.

Logitech G29 steering wheel with a 40% discount

This steering wheel is compatible with PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Mac and PC games, so we can use it on any computer. It has the Force Feedback system with two motors that add turning resistance giving a very realistic driving sensation at every turn of the wheel. It has steel bearings on the steering wheel axis that ensure a high construction and durability.

Logitech G29 Steering Wheel

From the wheel itself we can access all the game menus so it is not necessary to have the mouse lying around somewhere when we don’t need it. The pedal set includes clutch, brake, and accelerator just like any other manual vehicle. The usual price of this steering wheel and keyboard pack is priced at 429 euros, however, today we can find it with a 40% discount and a final price of just 259 euros.

This model has a 4.6 star rating out of 5 possible after receiving more than 6,000 opinions, so it is a safe bet. In addition, it is the best seller on Amazon.

Other options

If the Logitech model does not meet what we are looking for, on Amazon we can also find the Thrustmaster model T248, a model that is also compatible with PS5, PS4 and PC. This model includes 3 types of Force Feedback to offer different models of resistance when turning, it has 25 buttons to control the game and the set of pedals. The usual price of this pack is 349 euros and, after applying the 20% discount that it has, stays at only 279 euros.

If we want the experience to be as realistic as possible, on Amazon we can also find the G Driver Force gear stick for PC, PS5 and PS4 on sale, a gear stick with 6 speeds and reverse gear, made of leather and at a discount of 44%, being his final price of 39 eurosfalling from the usual 69.99 euros.

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