This Louis Vuitton connected watch is one of the most expensive in the world

Louis Vuitton may seem to be an “old” brand but the latter is still innovating and today offers a connected watch.

Sometimes there are ads that surprise more than others. So when the very famous French luxury brand Louis Vuitton decides to embark on the world of new technologies, it leaves us speechless. With an appeal product of more than 3000 euros, the firm owned by the LVMH group does what it knows how to do best: luxury.

But with this brand new connected watch, Louis Vuitton is leaping head first into the world of geeks and new technologies. No WearOS to run this little gem, the firm will offer its own operating system (for better or for worse). A very daring choice on the part of the luxury house, which has absolutely no experience in the field.

Don’t expect the most connected watch of the century, either. If it does indeed have several conventional sensors on products of this kind, such as an accelerometer, a cardiac sensor or even a gyroscope, it is not necessary to ask for much more, this watch does not have a system for measuring the rate of oxygen in the blood for example. A feature that has just arrived on the Apple Watch, the ultimate benchmark in the field.

Attractive features for an elegant watch

But without being the product of the year, the Louis Vuitton watch nevertheless arrives with more than convincing arguments. Starting with the strong point of the Parisian house, design. Indeed, the watch is simply magnificent with a screen that almost makes you forget the dial of the latter.

Despite such a screen, Louis Vuitton announces that its watch will be able to hold the charge for several days in a row without having to go through the recharge box. A real plus when we know that today the vast majority of products available on the market must be plugged in at least every day.

With a name just as sweet as its price, the Tambour Horizon Light Up will therefore be sold at € 2,870 each on the brand’s website or directly in stores in the coming weeks.

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