This Marvel short has been removed from Disney +, why?

Agent Carter’s One Shot, where is it?

Without prior notice. This is how this disappearance has caught all Disney + users. It turns out that the on-demand content platform has removed the One Shot of Agent Carter (Agent Carter) and it is no longer possible to see him on the service.

In case you don’t know what Marvel One Shots are, it’s about short films of the house that seek to complement the main stories of the factory. To give you a better idea, we recently told you about One Shots of «All praise the king» (All hail the king in English), where a member of the terrorist organization of the Ten Rings was visiting Trevor Slattery in prison, who had posed as the Mandarin in iron Man 3. This short house perfect with the new film of the firm, Shang-Chi and the legend of the Ten Rings, and although its viewing is not essential, it is still a curious complement to see to link with the great film.

Agent Carter’s Shot offered us a similar proposition. With a duration of 15 minutes, it was starring, of course, by Peggy carter (Hayley Atwell), who a year after the events in Captain America the First Avenger, is in New York cracking codes for John Flynn. At one point, the agent received a call from someone named Zodiac and would then decide to act on her own.

Why has it disappeared from the platform?

The million dollar question right now is why this Marvel One Shot has been erased from the platform catalog. It seems that the action has been carried out in all the countries, so that it is not a specific readjustment in a specific market.

The Shot was released in 2013, alongside the digital release of iron Man 3, and it gave a slight idea of ​​how Peggy started the SHIELD project. After that would come an exclusive series called Agent Carter, of the ABC chain, which Disney + decided to include in its offer but in a separate section of the UCM and baptized as “Marvel Series and Specials” – you have a screenshot below.

Agent carter

Since the company has not given any explanation about this, many believe that it is a clean slate of the character in order to give him another path, of major importance and prominence. It could even line up with the end of season 1 of the recent animated series. What if…?

We will have to wait and see if someone from Marvel Studios or Disney clarifies it for us.

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