This move by Apple is a poison dart for users

The iPad Pro, now yes, looks much more like a computer. And in large part, this is due to the software that it is capable of handling. Many professional editing apps are making the leap to the iPad. The Adobe suite, Luma Fusion or DaVinci Resolve are just some of the examples. But now, Apple itself is joining Final Cut Pro X for the iPad. Nevertheless, Not everything is as pretty as it seems at first.

Final Cut Pro comes to iPad with conditions

Although this program (finally, and after a long wait) has reached the iPad, all that glitters is not gold. And it is that the pricing policy that Apple has implementedAlthough it seems like a good idea, if we dig a little we start to see “the darker filters”.

It is true that Final Cut Pro X is a program whose price is high. They are 349 euros in the App Store, but although it is a high initial investment, It is a single payment in which we will not have to pay more money, once we have paid for it (if what we are going to use are the functions of the program, without installing And-on). But this price is only if we buy it in a “standard” way, since for students and teaching staff, the program is included in a package of apps that costs 239.99 euros (and the proportion remains around 47 euros).

final cut ipad pro

The logical thing would be to think that, after much hype and cymbal, in terms of the universal applications (that from the Mac, go to the iPad and vice versa, and we can use them on both devices at no additional cost)downloading and using Final Cut Pro X on the iPad should follow that same policy. And the answer is no, but also, we will have to pay for another license. But this is not a single payment, but a subscription.

Apple has set prices at 49 euros per year, or 4.99 euros per month. And although they are not high subscriptions (which means that the initial outlay is not so large), if we want to use the same software on the Mac and on the iPad, we will have to pay for both licenses. Because, otherwise, we will not be able to use it.

final cut pro ipad

Many people who already have Final Cut Pro X for Mac, who once paid for the program, will now have to pay more for the same thing. And if we take into account that, at the moment, the competition in this field is fierce and with more competitive prices, perhaps Final Cut Pro X on the iPad is, more than candy, a poisoned dart. At the moment, there is no sign that Mac users can use this program for free.

What iPad can I install Final Cut on?

iPads compatible with Final Cut Pro are not all models. Apple has made a list of the devices that are compatible, and we already anticipate that we can only enjoy the software on the most powerful models. Thus, the repertoire is as follows:

  • iPad Pro 11-inch 3rd and 4th generationonwards
  • iPad Pro 12.9-inch 5th and 6th generationonwards
  • iPad Air 5th generationonwards

In the same way as the iPad, the compatible operating system must be iOS 16.4 or higher. Thus, only the models with the Apple M1 processor (in the absence of new equipment) will be able to install it.

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